Work on a Specific Speech

Work on a Specific Speech


If you have to give an important talk and you would like some help to make it really special then I can help.


  • business presentations
  • academic lectures
  • after dinner speeches
  • wedding speeches
  • charity fundraisers
  • proposals

or any other kind of speech – we can work on it together until it has just the right impact.

You may wonder how I can help if I don’t know anything about the area you will be talking about, but my job is to get you into the most resourceful, creative state, so that as you begin to plan your talk the most perfect content just pours out of you!

I have worked with industry leaders, best men, University Lecturers and many other people from assorted fields, and in each case they tell me that the speech they would have given and the one they have written and presented after working with me, was worlds apart – and much much more what they would have wanted

So if you have a special talk to give contact Laura now, and discover for yourself how in just 2 hours with her she can help you create something that you will be able to feel really proud of.

Laura was able to give me guidance in terms of structuring and tailoring of my presentation. The presentation I would have given and the presentation I gave, were worlds apart.   Along with the structure of the presentation, Laura was able to arm me with the techniques to control my nerves and give me the confidence to stand in front of industry leaders, as an industry leader. Site founder,  Sarah Curran

” Laura’s coaching skills are outstanding. She enabled me to make a very effective and well received “Ask” presentation at a fund-raising event in New York.”        -Martin Dives, Board Member, International Cent er for Clubhouse Development, New York.Holistic, Humane Solutions for People with Mental Illness

I speak regularly at events, and decided to contact Laura Spicer to refresh my performance further when I had an important annual leadership conference to present at. I had been told that she is considered one of the very best so I had high hopes which I discovered were well placed.  I found Laura to be insightful, creative, and great to work with. In one afternoon she was able to show me how to rethink the way I was presenting my case so that it really engaged the audience and had much greater impact. She taught me practical techniques to “own” the stage, and effectively fill the space. In addition, she showed me how to feel much more inspiring, comfortable and confident.  The result was excellent.   The feedback I got was very positive.  I am told I was glowing with positive energy!  All in all, I am very glad to have discovered Laura Spicer and I can recommend her to you with confidence.        Michel Taride, President, Hertz International

“Just wanted to say thanks for the advice on my Wedding speech, it was extremely helpful!  ……it went so much better than I thought it would.”       Neville Cote

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