Upgrade All Face-To-Face Communication

Upgrade face to face communication

Whether you want to communicate more effectively with your family, friends, work colleagues or your boss – I can probably help you.

The meaning of your communication is the feedback you get” Dr. Richard Bandler

This insightful comment suggests that if,for example, I tell my son I love him, but he thinks to himself that I actually hate him – and behaves accordingly – I may as well have saved my breath…. or found out what I could say, and how, to convey my message to him so it is received as I intend.

We all want to be able to have a positive influence on various people in our lives.

Perhaps you want a promotion or a loan from your bank?  Or maybe you want your teenage daughter to tidy her room?  Or perhaps get your husband to take the rubbish bin (trash can) out without having to ask him 10 times! Perhaps you want your team at work to feel more committed or motivated, or get that promotion, or get better feedback from your 360.

I have been consulted by people of all ages and stages, all walks of life, to find out what they can do to get more of the responses they want.

So if you want to multiply your effectiveness in every and any area of your life, it makes sense to learn how to communicate your message in the most effective way possible.

It’s not only what you say, but the way you say it!

If there is someone in your life who responds to you in a way that is unhelpful, perhaps there is something you could do about it.   One thing is for sure, if you keep doing things the same way, you are likely to get the same results.   So if you want to increase your success in interpersonal communication – whether it is for business or personal life, contact me to discuss what you want to achieve and find out if I can help.   If I can, I promise it will be quick and easy!

In some research my company carried out 25 years ago, we identified over £1millon/annum was being lost as a direct result of miscommunication in one major corporation.   If you have to ask over and over to get things done right, or you have tried and tried to get more co-operation from family or co-workers have you considered there may be a better way to ask?

Learn about polarity responders;  direct and indirect commands and questions; attaching good feelings to your requests; using pause and pace to influence; how to be more clear and concise and much much more.   Every session is tailored to your specific requirements in order to support your goals fully.

After years of successfully helping hundreds of people to communicate more congruently and get more of the results they have been wanting, I am known for the speed and effectiveness of my sessions.   With the combination of accelerated learning techniques, NLP language and Voice skill all rolled into one, you may be surprised to discover what can be achieved in just one session.

Book an appointment today!

And if you are someone who raises funds for charities please contact me for special charity rates.

“Laura is brilliant at her work. She has made a huge impact in bringing a WOW factor in my communication.”

Sachi Thomas

Regional Commercial Director, Africa, Middle East & Turkey at Nestlé S.A.

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