The Number One NLP Cyber Practice Space and Masterclasses

The Number One NLP Cyber Practice Space

Now you have completed your NLP certification, join us at the world’s leading on line NLP practice group   

Consolidate your skills, optimise your learning, and stay at the forefront of NLP

Practice, learn, refine, expand and make new, useful distinctions.

After you qualify as an NLP practitioner, practice is how you

  • keep your skills fresh,
  • build more effective strategies
  • keep improving what you can do and
  • stay up to date with what the top NLP trainers have newly discovered

We serve the NLP community by providing post training, ongoing support via our vibrant, online, LIVE  and interactive classes and community so you can be at your best.

Once you have qualified, the best way to keep improving your NLP skills is by continued practice with other NLP Practitioners.

Working with clients and delivering trainings is not enough to keep your skills fresh.   And you know how much useful fun exploring your neurology with other NLPers can be.

Being supported by trainers and peers, getting constructive feedback, sharing your discoveries and asking your questions is part of what keeps you improving.  We have NLPers of every skill level, plus we work closely with Dr. Richard Bandler, to make sure we are up to date and giving you only the best advice and support.

How often: The Practice Space is a live, monthly online event, using the ZOOM platform

Requirements: You need to be a licensed NLP Practitioner or above to attend. You also need a decent wifi connection and a device bigger than a phone.  And you need a working web cam and microphone.

All that we offer is available for you to attend from your own comfy chair – no parking, hotels or expensive seminar fees to worry about.  We like easy and fun and very very useful!

Event length: Approximately 120 min


Who are we?

The Number One Cyber Practice Space is owned and created by Laura Spicer and hosted by Laura Spicer, Kate Benson and Joy Angelthorn and experienced guest NLP trainers

Kate Benson

The International Director of Education for the Society of NLP and Master Trainer.  She works closely with Dr Richard Bandler in taking the field of NLP into teaching and learning. She runs META which organises leading edge NLP trainings around the world. She is the co-author with Dr Bandler of ‘Teaching Excellence’ the definitive guide to NLP for teaching and learning.


Joy Angelthorn

Has been involved with the Society of NLP since the late 90s. She is a qualified NLP trainer,  coach and has assisted on many of Dr Richard Bandler’s courses including most of his UK Shamanic courses once held by META. Joy is also a Licensed Coaching NLP Trainer.


Laura Spicer

The Director of Sound Practice for the Society of NLP and as the name suggests, she specialises in how you can improve your results through using your voice more skilfully.   She is a Master Practitioner, NLP consultant, trainer and coach.  She also works closely with Dr. Bandler who is a regular pop-in visitor to our Practice group as well as one of our Masterclass Trainers.

NLPers of all skill levels, from newly qualified NLP Practitioners to Master Trainers enjoy practising carefully crafted NLP exercises designed to expand and hone your skills.

Learning is generated both by the exercises in the online breakout rooms and by sharing feedback after each exercise. Come along and discover how much fun you can have online sharing your discoveries whilst sharpening your NLP skills this easy and accessible way.  And a bonus is you get to meet great, like-minded NLPers and build ongoing friendships and collaborations.

You can get a single session if you want to try us out before subscribing or dive straight in and save money by signing up for 6 or 12 practice groups.   Masterclass information is always posted in Facebook.   (Please contact us if you do not use Facebook).

Join our Facebook public group for up to the minute info.

What our customers say about the Practice group:

“One of the best and easiest decisions I’ve ever made, nothing else compares!”

“Wonderful learning experiences”

If you’re wondering about joining The Number 1 NLP Practice Group…STOP wondering. Join and after your first group practice you’ll know why it was such a good decision to have joined”

You know how most online classes and webinars are all about upselling you to something else–usually something very expensive? Not this one. This online experience is the real deal with applicable content from the very start. It’s worth more than its weight in gold. If you’re smart, you’ll say, “Yes!”

“Fantastic masterclass, feel really privileged to able to attend these masterclasses with Richard Bandler. And to get the chance to explore this information even more in our monthly practice groups. Just love being a part of this practice group. (and I am not being fxxkxxx polite)”

Online Masterclasses

The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Group now has the pleasure of bringing our Masterclasses to you to add to your skills.

The Masterclasses are separate from the Practice Group and you do not need to be a Practice Group subscriber to join the fun with the best Trainers teaching us their newest discoveries. 

AND, our Practice Group Subscribers always get 50% discounts on Masterclasses.   We particularly like offering you the best training and practice at an amazingly low and accessible cost.   We have made joining us an easy decision that gives you incredible value for time and money.

Our Next Masterclass is with Illi Adato –

Through the Systemic Lens: An introduction to Systemic & Family Constellations

What Are Systemic & Family Constellations ?
The Constellations method is a simple yet profound offers a unique and deep process of exploration and acknowledgment of the forces that moves us in life. Such forces are often reflected through difficulties in relationships, career, health or even financial circumstances. The method provides a three-dimensional systemic ‘map’ of one’s challenge as it is at present. It is used as a major resource in working through the effects of a traumatic family history and it can assist in depression treatment and other behavioural challenges.  In this 2 hour Masterclass, Illi will introduce us to this system with his special NLP designer slant!
Illi Adato is a SNLP Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ an avid student of Richard Bandler and many great trainers of his lineage. Illi is a personal and group facilitator of Constellations and as the founder and MD of the London School of Systemic & Family Constellations he teaches the method to students from all over the globe.

Attend for this special lockdown price of just £22 including access to stream the video recording of the class as often as you like!

When: 31st May, 2020 Time: 17:00 – 19:00 GMT  (London)

How it works: Online session, using the ZOOM platform

Event length: Usually 120 min


  • You must be a licensed NLP Practitioner or above to attend NLP Masterclasses.
  • Join from a device larger than a phone.
  • Your cam and mic must be switched ON – no hiding allowed! (If you are invisible to the group and trainer you will be bounced out of class!)
  • Be aware the session is recorded and may be used in the public domain – booking your place constitutes your agreement to be seen and heard in the public domain at our discretion


Click here for more details and to book your place NOW.

Join our  Facebook Group or contact Laura for more information.



What our customers say about our interactive Masterclasses

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the Masterclass with Richard Bandler. It was amazing. It was a very positive experience how to train online with other great people. I am definitely going to sign up for the cyber practice group.”

“I love it when you KNOW you’re making a good decision and taking this training was absolutely that!”

“Feeling SO honoured and grateful we had this opportunity to experience Dr Richard Bandler all to ourselves in our 2 hour Masterclass yesterday! Wow! What an experience, I barely dared to blink in case I missed anything  :))Glad he offered to come back again!!!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤”

“WOW … cyber group , learning from Richard today , how to add more territory to the map ! Fantastic  😊”

“Fantastic learning and practice session today with Richard Bandler! My brain is buzzing with all the great information he shared. I’m spinning up my joy and determination!It was BRILLIANT!!!! A private class with Richard Bandler where you could actually ask directly all the questions you had! The “simplicity” of how he began to explain the concepts and getting details he never shares in public seminars that made the experience so intimate! I was also amazed at the breaking into smaller groups process to do an exercise. What a FUN way to install right away the knowledge being shared! What a great opportunity to work with old NLP friends and to meet new ones!!!!”

“Well, as a first experience, I was nicely surprised as to how informally formal it was.”

“My sessions today, with clients were really informed by what I learned on Sunday, and I thought I was more creative, more on top of my thinking and clearer than before”

“I love the fact that we’re joining Richard on the cutting edge. Who knows how many different things he’s working on, but this is the latest that he’s sharing with us. I love being close to that kind of information, especially being shared in such an intimate format.”

Amazing Masterclass! I am definitely getting Brian Colberts books and want to re-play this Masterclass. Thank you – the NO 1 NLP Cyber Practice Space Group Rocks!

I have just had the privilege to take part in The Number One NLP Cyber Masterclass with Brian Colbert . It was fabulously organised and the content from Brian was simply superb. Brian went through practical techniques from his best selling book The Happiness Habit and all of us online (using Zoom) were able to communicate and work together. This made the learning really fun and interactive. 
Because of their impeccable credentials, The Number One NLP Cyber Group have amazing access to people and knowledge that can change your life for the better. I highly recommend that you sign up now and get access to their amazing resources.

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