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I am endlessly surprised that Teacher Training includes little or no voice and ‘presence’ training.

As soon as you think about it, you will know it is not just what you say but the way in which you say it.   It is not just the quality of the content, but the style of delivery that makes the difference between something that is easy to learn, engaging and interesting or dull, uninteresting and hard work to absorb and remember.

When you think back to your own school and university days, do you remember some teachers and lecturers with pleasure and others – well, enough said!   Do you feel that some subjects are ones you might otherwise have been more interested in but for the dread of those classes with that teacher?

Do you remember teachers who couldn’t control the class environment well?   And those who could?   Often, teachers resort to shouting when it may be far more effective to lower the volume of your voice.   Often teachers feel cross and frustrated when they could be gaining so much satisfaction from positive interaction with students and pupils.   Why be one of those teachers who struggles to hold the class’s attention when with minimum effort you could have your students feeling engaged and enthusiastic?

Every teacher and lecturer should have support and training in how to convey information in the most interesting and accessible manner.   Sadly, that is not usually available at any depth in your training but instead of just putting up with it, why not get the training for yourself?

I have been told that as a result of training with me, children become more responsive, retain the information more easily and stop being destructive in class.   These comments and many more positive changes have been noted as a result of watching my DVD or having training sessions from me.

Individual and group trainings available.   Please contact me to find out how you can increase your effectiveness and enjoy your teaching, training or lecturing much more by learning how to manage your state of mind and the way you use your voice.   Or check out my DVD which contains many helpful techniques and much food for thought to help you become happier and more effective in your vocation as a teacher, lecturer or trainer.

“The book and DVD are simple to follow and provide effective instruction for preparing the self and presenting teaching material in an interesting manner. The way in which the course is devised allows for differing choices of approach and is in sympathy with the fact that a lecturer/teacher may need different tools for different states of mind, or in a variety of places. All of the tools are clearly reasoned, explained and demonstrated in a professional and personable way. I warmly recommend this DVD as an invaluable resource to keep voice, mind and presence together in the classroom”

KA, College Teacher.


“If you are a teacher or lecturer then Voicepower for Teachers, by Laura Spicer is the dvd for you. Having worked in many challenging schools I put into practice some of Laura’s exercises and found immediate benefit. Just emphasizing ONE word in a sentence changed the behaviour of students in a specific class. 

Furthermore, Voicepower has taught me the importance of being in a good state for myself and my pupils. I highly recommend this dvd to teachers as a tool to have more impact in the classroom. I wish somebody had taught me this 5 years ago.”

Michael T. Adewale

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