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Did you know Marilyn Monroe had a bad stammer?   She came up with her iconic voice in her effort to find fluency and her new breathy voice turned into a part of what made her famously sexy and desirable!


Stammering is a condition that affects thousands of people worldwide.   It can be embarrassing, frustrating and obstructive in peoples’ lives.   Many people have the idea that there is little they can do to improve their fluency and have lived with this condition for years.   Or even worse watched their children suffer through their school years and young adolescence with a stammer.

Is there a cure?

Many people over the years have asked the question “Is there a Cure for Stammering and Stuttering” because they feel desperate to speak fluently and stop suffering the embarrassment and misery of blocking and stumbling when trying to speak.

‘Cure’ is a very emotive word and if you are expecting to be ‘cured’ of it in the same way you are ‘cured’ of a cold or the measles then it might be worth considering a more useful way to think about it.   So perhaps asking the question “Is there a cure for stammering and stuttering” would be usefully changed to “is there a way to help me speak more fluently?”

I believe that we all have pre-dispositions to particular weaknesses of mind and body – for example, some people have a pre-disposition to putting on weight.   These people have to watch what they eat more than some others who seem to be able to eat as much of whatever they like and remain slim.   Some people are prone to getting backache.   And these people have to be more careful about lifting heavy things carelessly or performing activities that are stressful for their backs.   However, provided they are mindful they certainly do not need to actually be overweight or have backache all the time.

So is there a ‘cure’ for Stammering and Stuttering?   Many people are now living lives of fluency having practiced the Spicer Method.    So if you ask the question “Can Laura help me to speak more fluently?” instead of “Is there a Cure for Stammering and Stuttering?” then the answer is a resounding Yes!

I cannot guarantee the results of working with me, partly because it depends on your diligence in practising the routine I create for you.   I can however absolutely guarantee that I will do all I can, and use all my years of experience and successes to try to find the key for you.   And I promise you won’t have to talk in a strange robotic, or even a Marilyn-style breathy voice!   You will sound like you, only more fluent.

Once I have done the detective work, I will then ask you to practice some physical and mental exercises for about 10 minutes a day.   If you do that fully, my past experience shows me that you have a really high chance of noticing a significant improvement or at best, complete fluency.   Read Becky’s letter to me below to see the sort of responses I frequently get after only one or two sessions with me.   Also, read what Paul McKenna says, after seeing me work.

And just in case you are wondering – You stay in control of the process at all times. In fact the idea is that you get more control for yourself. All through the session I will share what I know and what I think will help and together we can try different things to find which of the tools will be most useful to you.

If you want to book a session contact me.

If you prefer to download my E-course instead, click here.

(If you use the e-course and, after working through it and practising for one month, you feel you still need a session, I will discount the session by £50 so you will have only spent a very little on trying the e-course first.   In fact, many people find the e-course is all they need.)

Either way, don’t suffer unnecessarily any more.   Contact me and start your path to greater fluency

Because my method is a partnership between you and me, it isn’t ideal for children under 16.   However, many parents bring their children to me for an hour’s assessment session during which I will offer my advice on how you can help your child at home and support it towards greater fluency.

Letters from ex-stammerers

“2nd May

…I hope you are well!

I’ve given it some time and really feel that the session has had a major impact! I’d say 85/100 in terms of overall improvement.

The fear has gone for the most part and I feel much more confident in all situations that i have faced so far. I do think that it will still take a bit of time for my speech itself to adjust to ‘fearless’ speaking as the cautious way of speaking and the ‘holding back’ has become such a habit. Once I learn that I don’t stammer anymore by default when coming across a situation, a sentence or a word that I used to fear, the more my fluency will naturally improve.

I think I’ll keep doing as I do (unless you suggest otherwise) and will report back in around 10 days time.

15th May

Hope all is well.

I can only say that my speech is continuing to improve. Apart from a few hiccups here and there it is going very smoothly and I think my brain is adjusting to absence of the fear by allowing longer sentences and less ‘ums and ahhs’.

When I wake up in the morning and feel any tension I do a BLISS exercise, which really helps me get back into the right mindset for the day ahead. Even situations that were previously tricky are much better now.

I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% fluent yet, but I am growing more and more confident that this will happen sooner rather than later!

I will keep you posted!

18th May

thanks for all your help Laura! It’s truly been life changing 🙂

Feel free to use any parts of my emails for your testimonials.

Dennis L”


“I first heard of Laura around five years ago when my wife was sitting next to Paul McKenna at a New Year function and asked him if there was anything he could suggest that may help my stammer.
Without hesitation he said Laura Spicer, she will sort you out for good.
To my great regret I did nothing with this information until late last year when my
daughter got engaged and the thought of making a speech spurred me into action.

Like many people who stammer, you learn to live with it, you avoid certain words, answer a question with a sentence when one word will do, even pick something from a menu which avoids stammering.   My wife would do a lot of my talking for me
e.g. telephone bookings, taxi destination requests and so on.

My biggest problem situation would be a general conversation with, say, around
three or four people, social or business, whereby I would say something or give
an opinion and someone in the group would say pardon or what did you say,
this floored me every time, the stammer would kick in and I would be a mumbling

During my meeting with Laura all the foregoing was explained after which she gave
me her diagnosis and explained how we would move forward, I was astonished when
she told me what caused my stammering, at first I couldn’t take it in but by the end
of the session I felt fully informed on the cause of my stammer and more importantly
Laura gave me the tools to eliminate it.

After three months of following Laura’s routine I was completely confident in my
speech whatever the situation and today I still amaze myself at times when I sail
through situations which six months ago were major hurdles.  
I even order my wife’s menu selections for her in restaurants.

Making an appointment with Laura was a life changing step and the best value for
money in town.

I wish I had contacted her years ago, don’t make the same mistake I did, contact
her today and get that stammer out of your life for good.

The woman is a genius.

K Harvie
Hi Laura
When we went to meet Laura with my teenage son Jamie, who has suffered with a noticeable stammer from the age of about four, she was very honest and said she would work with him but not to expect too much as she could only give Jamie the tools to help his stammer and he would have to do the work himself – not something teenagers are always prepared to do!
Jamie connected with Laura immediately as she seemed to really understand what was going on with his stammer, how he felt about it when it was happening to him and how it physically felt to stammer.  Laura spent just one hour with Jamie teaching him how to relax and breath and gave him some simple breathing exercises to do regularly in order to try and improve his stammer.
Jamie left Laura’s session feeling very positive, almost as if a physical weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and for the next few weeks he practised the techniques Laura had shown him.
It has now been two months since we visited Laura and Jamie’s life has completely changed.  His stammer has disappeared completely from everyday life , (only returning a little when he is very tired or put on the spot in class!) and he now speaks fluently with ease and confidence, so much so that it is hard to believe he ever stammered at all.
I cannot put in to words how grateful we are to Laura and how much losing his stammer has changed Jamie’s life.  There is no doubt he was determined to get rid of it and has put in  the work ( he still does his breathing exercises for 5 minutes before he gets up and 5 minutes before he goes to sleep every night) but the confidence he has gained is huge and he is a much happier and more relaxed boy.  Ordering in a restaurant, meeting new people, making speeches at school, telling a joke, or simply being involved in a fast paced discussion are all things he does now with ease.
I have read many articles that say it is not possible to “cure” a stammer, my son is proof that this simply is not the case – you just need to get in touch with the right person (for us, Laura) who understands the problem and is happy to work with you and give you the tools to achieve the solution! Thank you Laura.
Very best wishes,

Dear Laura

It was a pleasure to speak you again this morning.Thank you for your time as always.Things are going fine for me thanks to your advice and I am more than happy to give testimony to this.Please feel free to use the following as you wish:

‘My name is Rob and I have struggled with my speech for at least 30 years.I would class my stammering as ‘interiorised’ (I think that’s the jargon) and this quite simply meant for me that I would susbstitute words,not say what I wanted to or avoid speaking situtations altogether.In other words try and do anything other than stammer.Obviously this has a high price in terms of stress and enjoyment of day to day life.

Having tried many other methods to rid myself of my stammer,I contacted Laura several months ago and made an appointment.We discussed at length my speech issues and Laura proposed a plan to help overcome my anxiety and disfluency which I have implemented since that time.

The results have been beyond what I had dared to hope.My fluency has markedly increased and my comfort level with all speaking situations has been transformed.

Stammering is what I did when I tried not to stammer. I now have an alternative way for which I am extremely grateful’.

Best Regards


“I am 29 years old and I have been stammering for the last 20 years.My stammer was not very bad but sometimes it prevented me from doing simple things like ordering food or taking a taxi.I moved to London a few months ago and seeing how everybody is always in a hurry,has put alot more pressure on me to speak faster and it made my stammer worse!  

Over the last 10 years,I tried many different approaches to cure my stammer,most of them failed or worked temporarily.  

A few months ago,I decided to seek professional help.I did a search online and I found Laura’s website. So i gave Laura a call and I went to see her.

After only ONE session,about 60% of my stammer went away and I was able to tell taxis where i wanted to go (biggest difficulty I had living in London).After that,I became more confident and I asked Laura to help me with another problem,getting into a group conversations.Any stammerer knows that it is very difficult to join an ongoing conversation specially if the group is big (such as a work meeting or even a group lunch).Again, Laura taught me some techniques to smoothly “jump” into conversations and make my self heard.After all of this success,I still wanted more!So Laura taught me how to give effective presentations and work around the very little stammer left.All of this happened in less than 3 months.I went from suffering while talking to taxis to giving my manager a great presentation.

Laura truly gave me back a sense that I was missing.It is great to be able to talk freely again!” 

Marzooq Al-Shamlan

Ever since I can I remember I always had a severe stammer. Throughout my school years it presented me with many problems. I would find it immensely difficult to take part in school activities that involved speaking. For example just introducing myself to new class mates I found very difficult. In addition when I needed to read aloud or give presentations I would find myself anxiously stammering, tongue tied and upset. In daily life it was also an infuriating problem. Tasks others could do easily I would find nearly impossible. One situation which was especially challenging for me was talking on the telephone. Many times I would try and make a phone call, and when the person on the other end picked up I would block and not be able to introduce myself. On some occasions people put the phone down which really lowered my confidence. 

About five years ago I reached the point that I knew I needed to get help with my stammer as it was controlling so many aspects of my life; this is when I met Laura Spicer and heard about her techniques. I decided to learn them immediately and start applying them to my own speech. After using them for the first time I suddenly noticed a dramatic improvement in my speech. I could speak for the first time without a stammer, it was an amazing feeling. Where I would usually block, my speech was relaxed and easy. 

Throughout the next few weeks and months I started making great improvements in my speech. Although as in learning any new skill, it did take some practice to apply the techniques to my speech every day. Some days I would do better than others. There were some situations where it felt quite strange to be able to speak without stammering (for example on the telephone), and it took a little while to build my confidence using Laura’s techniques. I was used to avoiding these situations (due to the anxiety they produced in me) so this was an area I had to work on. However after a little while I stopped avoiding and I became comfortable with them. I knew Laura’s techniques worked and there was no need to worry about speaking. One of the main things I was able to do at this point was to break the cycle of thinking I was going to stammer beforehand, which always used to be confirmed just like a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

I now enjoy speaking without any problem at all which is amazing. I have been able to do so many things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of before using Laura’s techniques. For example I now give presentations easily, which was so helpful during my degree at university, and will be throughout my postgraduate work. I actually now enjoy giving presentations and doing public speaking, something I never thought I would say.  In addition I am now preparing to undertake training to teach others Neuro-Linguistic Programming which I’m very excited about. If I had been told a few years ago I would be training others, the prospect would have sent me into a panic. Furthermore it’s so wonderful to just be able to do everyday things like say my name without stammering! This used to be a major challenge for me as well.

Learning Laura’s techniques was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I would recommend them to you without doubt. It does take work on your part along the way, and there are ups and downs on the journey to fluency. Putting the techniques into practice does take commitment and persistence, but the rewards are enormous. For example recently due to stress some of my stammer did return briefly. However through practising Laura’s techniques over and over again, I overcame this minor setback and consider myself as an ex stammerer. I am thankful for Laura’s help everyday; it has definitely changed my life. If you are determined to overcome your stammer, use Laura’s techniques and you won’t look back. You will become an ex-stammerer too! I do hope you chose to start this amazing journey.

Becky Mallery

I went to Laura Spicer with a confidence issue with my speech due to my stammer. With her help she let me first understand what I was doing with my voice and secondly gave me the tools on how to control my voice to use it effectively.

My speech was never really bad however my dream was to work within professional football which requires a high level of speaking skills in highly pressurised environments and it would be harder to attain the role where my speech was at. With Laura’s help I now have the confidence, fluency and the ability to feel comfortable in all situations.  I have since landed a job in professional football and have the confidence to continue to develop my communication skills. I also feel more comfortable in all social situations, everything from ordering at a restaurant to speaking with a group of friends. Some of these situations might seem simple for most people but for people with a stammer they will know that anxiety can set it very quickly. The confidence I now have has given me the freedom to enjoy my life.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, if you have any issues with speaking then contact her and you will not believe the changes that could happen.

C. Cullen

From Paul McKenna PhD

“Laura Spicer has developed a remarkable shift for stuttering. I was astounded when I first saw her demonstrate it. It’s different to other methods that are available and very easy to practice. In addition to what Laura has discovered and created from working with many clients over years, her approach combines the best elements of other self-help technologies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). At last this wonderful approach to an age old problem will bring freedom of expression to so many people around the World. If you suffer from stuttering then you must try the Spicer method!” Paul McKenna.

Paul McKenna

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