Public Speaking Fears

Public speaking fears


If you have a fear of public speaking you are not alone!   Fear of public speaking is the most common phobia in the Western World.   Groucho Marx, pictured here, doesn’t look like someone who is worried about making a fool of himself!

The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, can really hold people back in both their public and their private lives.  Some clients have come to me in the past telling me how utterly terrified they have been even to make a small presentation to a group of colleagues.

The symptoms of their terror can vary, but can often include their legs going weak, their stomachs turning over and their palms being suddenly clammy.  Crashing heart or sudden waves of heat, nausea and blind panic can also be symptoms, and of course those symptoms can make them close down, staring at the group they are supposed to be addressing, and hardly able to squeeze out a word!

It is deeply frustrating and humiliating if it is allowed to go unchecked.  But the truth is, it really can be dealt with very quickly.  It is certainly not something to be ashamed of.  The behaviour of being afraid to speak in public may have been learned young, but it does not say anything at all about your intelligence, or your ability to do a good job.

I have had the CEOs of large corporations come to me with glossophobia, who have somehow managed to palm off public speaking at AGMs and shareholder’s meetings to employees, but who know it would be a huge relief to feel comfortable when speaking to groups of people.  And for the employee in a firm or business, then it is likely at some point to interfere with their career advancement.

In private lives too, the fear can be deeply frustrating.  How painful is it for the father of the bride not to be able to wish his daughter a happy and wonderful life?  How disappointing is it for a son or daughter not to be wished well at a birthday party?  How frustrating is it not to be able to voice an opinion at a public meeting?

In reality, NONE of this pain and frustration needs to happen.  Whether you have a speaking phobia that holds you back at work, or whether it is something that is holding you back in your private life, a session or at most, a couple sessions with me, will free you quickly from what once held you back.

It is a pleasure to observe what a positive effect overcoming this sort of fear has on people’s confidence, and how quickly they start to embrace other aspects of their life, realising that now, nothing can hold them back.

So, if you are afraid of public speaking or have an uncontrolled fear of making presentations or speaking in front of groups, contact me now.  I can help you to find your confidence, and find your voice, so that you are empowered to take more charge of your life and career prospects.

“Dear Laura,

I would just like to extend my thanks for your training and coaching ,especially with presentation skills. Something I was so petrified to do is proving to be actually rather enjoyable in a very short time! 🙂 You have a very intuitive, unique and exquisite way of guiding, teaching and training in this field and I personally can highly highly recommend to anyone looking to improve and sharpen their communication skills, confidence building and learning how to deliver professional, interactive talks and workshops with ease.  I now look forward to planning and welcoming more talks and workshops, again something that in the past that was most painful is now most pleasurable! For this, I am incredibly grateful to you as I now feel well resourced and  equipped for anything!  What a gift you have!

With heartfelt thanks!

Jane Seyfried”


“I came to see Laura after she was recommended to me. I am a Head of Department in a global organisation with a role that means I have to present in front of large groups of people. My fear of public speaking had become such a problem that I had become so nervous of speaking I had walked out of two presentations. It was at this point that I realised I had to do something, fast.

I had one session with Laura that lasted two hours.Laura was kind enough to make herself available at any time on the day of my first presentation since the session. I walked onto the stage and my fear had disappeared. I didn’t even need the slides. I ended up having a conversation with the audience which is exactly what I had wanted to achieve. And I absolutely loved it.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, and if you have a fear of public speaking, then get in touch. It will be life changing.”

Name Withheld, however direct contact can be provided through Laura.



“Hi Laura, been meaning to text all week but been hectic – Tuesdays pres in France went v well, felt much more at ease with it than I would have before seeing you. So, thanks very much!”


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