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Voice Power for Teachers – DVD


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This DVD is a complete voice training course to empower your voice when teaching or lecturing.

Filled with food for thought and practical exercises for you to use to prevent voice strain, and empower your voice when teaching or lecturing, this DVD takes you through voice exercises and some psychological practices to enhance your state of mind so the tunes and tones behind the words are empowered.

It will make a world of difference.



Never before has voice coaching been combined with accelerated learning techniques to make the results so effective and fast. Never before has voice coaching been made so accessible and easy to do because it is not only a series of physiological exercises – this works at a psychological level too, making it easy to use, and genuinely effective.

On this DVD you get the training you would get from Laura personally as you work with her. You will learn the most important, key facts and exercises to transform your teaching communication to be you, at your very best, every time you teach. Whatever your reason for wanting to gain more voice skill, once you have watched it, you will realize that the training on this DVD is something you wish they had included in your original teacher training. These no nonsense techniques will give you a new way to tap into your strongest voice – every day.

2 reviews for Voice Power for Teachers – DVD

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael T. Adewale

    If you are a teacher or lecturer then Voicepower for Teachers, by Laura Spicer is the dvd for you. Having worked in many challenging schools I put into practice some of Laura’s exercises and found immediate benefit. Just emphasizing ONE word in a sentence changed the behaviour of students in a specific class.
    Furthermore, Voicepower has taught me the importance of being in a good state for myself and my pupils. I highly recommend this dvd to teachers as a tool to have more impact in the classroom. I wish somebody had taught me this 5 years ago.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    KA, College Teacher

    I am impressed with Spicer Ameldian’s DVD and book on Voice Power for Lecturers. The book and DVD are simple to follow and provide effective instruction for preparing the self and presenting teaching material in an interesting manner. The way in which the course is devised allows for differing choices of approach and is in sympathy with the fact that a lecturer/teacher may need different tools for different states of mind, or in a variety of places. All of the tools are clearly reasoned, explained and demonstrated in a professional and personable way. I warmly recommend this DVD as an invaluable resource to keep voice, mind and presence together in the classroom

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