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The Next Number 1 NLP Cyber Masterclass



The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Group now has the pleasure of bringing our Masterclasses to you to add to your skills.

Our Next Masterclass is with Joost Van Der Leij – who is introducing us to The Neurogram Model.

Date: 23rd June, 2019

Time: 1500hrs London

Place: Online

Duration approx 120 minutes

NLP and The Neurogram® model.

The Neurogram® model was developed by Joost van der Leij in 2008 and is an extremely practical and useful model to use with your NLP skills. . The Neurogram is not about personality typing but about understanding the complex neuroscience of brain evolution in a simple and practical way.  Being familiar with people’s evolutionary behavioural patterns helps you understand their behaviour, questions and psychological issues. It also helps coaches and trainers to be better able to tailor and customise their interventions elegantly and efficiently.

This Master Class will be an eye-opening, life changing experience where you get to know how your brain works in terms of evolutionary behavioral patterns so you can begin to connect many different parts of your life that are seemingly unconnected into a complete understanding of yourself. Recognizing the differences in these patterns in your family, loved ones, neighbours and colleagues makes it much easier to deal well with them. For coaches and trainers the Neurogram® model makes their training and coaching even more effective. So come and join us in the Neurogram® workshop and begin your journey into understanding the implications of evolution on your own daily life and that of others.

Joost van der Leij is an NLP Master Trainer and the leading NLP trainer in the Netherlands.  He is an international author of many NLP books and is exceptional in his applications and understanding of NLP. He teaches NLP at a top #100 University in the Netherlands.  It is rare for Joost to teach outside of the Netherlands so take this unique opportunity to broaden your skills and application of NLP.

Please refer to our Facebook Page or contact Laura for more information.  Or Just book your place, NOW!

And remember to add the video access to your order if you want to be able to watch and listen and learn from this class over and over again 😉


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