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The Next Number 1 NLP Cyber Masterclass



The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Group now has the pleasure of bringing our Masterclasses to you to add to your skills.

Our Next Masterclass is”Meta Fives” with Tina Taylor on 14th April, 2019.

How can you make your metaphors even more powerful and effective?

One way is to make them even more relevant to your listeners.

This term was first used by Dave Dobson to describe how he used his clients strengths, expertise and beliefs when designing metaphors for them. Something that many great hypnotherapists have done from the Simerton’s ground breaking work creating metaphors to help their cancer patients heal;  to one of the most influential hypnotherapists, Milton H Erickson.

Creating MetaFives for your clients/patients will give the stories you tell a different impact; as you use skills that they already have the solutions become much more believable consciously whilst giving their unconscious the advice it needs to create the changes needed.

Join Tina to explore strategies for using these and to learn how she uses MetaFives to help her clients/patients heal

If you know how good Tina Taylor is, you will know it is going to be fun and useful to add to your skills.

Please refer to our Facebook Page or contact Laura for more information.  Or Just book your place, NOW!

And remember to add the video access to your order if you want to be able to watch and listen and learn from this class over and over again 😉


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