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The Next Number 1 NLP Cyber Masterclass


Increase your effectiveness by learning some basics of using your speaking voice on purpose!

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The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Group now has the pleasure of bringing our Masterclasses to you to add to your skills.

Our Next Masterclass is with Laura Spicer – Tune Up Your Tonality

Laura is the Director of Sound Practice for the Society of NLP and an experienced speaking voice trainer, NLP consultant and coach.

In this 2 hour masterclass she will be teaching some key voice skills so you can use your voice on purpose and increase effectiveness in every interaction, especially in your client work and hypnosis sessions.

It is going to be playful, fun, and Practicable (with a capital P!)

All Live, Interactive, Online.   Join from your own comfy chair and wifi.  With breakout rooms for exercises.  Talk to Laura, ask your questions direct, learn and connect with other NLPers.  It is going to be FUN and very USEFUL!

Date:17th November,  2019

Time: 1500hrs London

Place: Online

Duration approx 120 minutes

Please note we have very few rules but these are essential to all of our enjoyment:

  • Attend on time from a device larger than a phone
  • Have both web cam and mic switched on (no hiding!)  PLEASE NOTE!  You will be bounced out of the class if you are not visible!
  • Be aware our Masterclasses are recorded and may be available in the public domain.  Your booking is subject to your agreement with this (if you wish to purchase a place with video access and not be present in class, that is fine, just let us know please)
  • Leave your grown up blocks behind and come ready to free up your speaking voice

Please refer to our Facebook Page or contact Laura for more information.

Or Just book your place, NOW!

And remember to add the video access to your order if you want to be able to watch and listen and learn from this class over and over again 😉

To book this Masterclass quickly and easily on NLP Playground – click here


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