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As someone who used to have a huge phobia of flying,underground trains and lifts (elevators),I know how terrifying and overwhelming a phobia can feel.

I also know the amazing feeling of freedom when your phobia disappears and you can do the thing you were so scared of – with ease.

It is such an incredible sensation to be free of what plagued and imprisoned you that it almost makes it worth having had a phobia – just to get the great feeling of overcoming it – for good!”

If you are reading this because you have a phobia now, you may not be able to imagine ever being able to confront the thing that you are so afraid of.   But all that tells you is that you cannot imagine it now – thousands of previous sufferers will vouch for the fact that although they too couldn’t imagine it before, they are now happily phobia free.

Whether it is spiders, mice, frogs, dogs, cats, public speaking, balloons, water, flying or anything else it typically takes only one session of two hours to be free of it. Occasionally two sessions are needed, but that is uncommon.

It is said we are only born with two fears – loud noises and falling.   Every other fear is learned.  And of course, if it was learnt then your brain is capable of learning a new and different response.

Most phobias are caused by one incident in which you had a really bad feeling which is now unconsciously associated with whatever was going on at the time.   So perhaps someone scared you by putting a spider right near your face when you were a child.   Your brain is very good at generalising and associating, so it put together the feeling of intense fear with the image of a spider.   The result is a feeling of intense fear even if in reality it is a tiny spider some distance away.

Sometimes phobias are caused by something someone said to you when you were young and more vulnerable to influence.   And those are not the only ways phobias are created but they are common.   Maybe you recognise that spider story, or maybe you have a different tale to tell.   Some people can’t even remember how or when their fear or phobia started.   Whatever helped to cause the phobia in the first instance is not as important as knowing that you really can be free of it very fast.

Please note, a phobia is an irrational fear.  It is healthy to be afraid of something that is truly dangerous or life threatening.   In the past, I have helped people overcome their fear of snakes or spiders but left a healthy response to the dangerous varieties in place in case they are ever they are holidaying in the jungle!   Many of my past clients couldn’t open a magazine in case there was a picture of a snake in it.  My own sister couldn’t go into a bathroom alone in case there was a harmless, English spider in the bath.   And I met a lady the other day that couldn’t move into a house with a pond in the garden in case a frog hopped by – those are not rational responses!

Until fairly recently desensitisation was used to treat people with phobias.   It was hard work and took ages.   The poor phobic person had to go through being exposed more and more closely to the thing they were terrified of in the expectation that gradually over a long period of time, they just wouldn’t feel so scared.   

Then hypnotherapy was used and although it worked better than desensitisation it still could feel uncomfortable and it often didn’t really work well.

Thanks to Dr. Richard Bandler we now have the NLP Fast Phobia Cure.   Richard interviewed many people who had naturally got over their phobia without outside assistance.   He found that most had a lot in common in terms of the process they went through which turned out to be quite simple!   So he tried the process out on people with phobias and hey presto!   It works like magic.

Since then, thousands of people have cleared their phobias, painlessly and quickly with the help of a good NLP Practitioner.   And you can too!   

I have helped hundreds of phobic people become free of their phobia and in every case, the amazing feeling of freedom is a joy for me to behold.

Contact me today to arrange an appointment and get ready to be free of your phobia for good!

If you want to rid yourself of a flying phobia and live too far from one of my clinics go to to find your nearest practitioner.   (The website owner does not endorse any other practitioners unless specifically stated).

Water Phobia

“I went to see Laura about a swimming phobia that I have had for as long as I can remember and wasn’t sure if anyone could help.

My friend recommended NLP to me and although slightly sceptical as I didn’t know what to expect,I went along to see what can be done.

Laura was fantastic, really supportive in understanding the root cause of the problem and very patient in exploring ideas with me.  The result was amazing!  From feeling panicky and like I’m treading in oil, after 3 hours with Laura and going in the pool, I was completely relaxed and even felt happy to be in the water!  Laura even gave a follow up session on the phone to make sure that I stay on track.

I just want to say a big thank you to Laura for all her help, still can’t believe what she has managed to achieve in such a short space of time.  I’ll definitely be recommending her to my friends!”


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