One Person’s Experience of the Stop Stammering / Stop Stuttering E-Course

Hi Laura here,

I have been exchanging emails with an 18 year old French Canadian man who is in the process of overcoming some struggles. I think he has a fantastic attitude developing and I have a strong belief that he will succeed in his ambitions to get himself sorted and fluent. He asked me to delete his name and a couple of other very personal details, but basically I have just copied and pasted our emails below. I hope it helps and encourages some other people to know that you can get determined and start to make your life one you really love.

Anyway, here you are:


May i start by saying its nice the fact that you’re helping people with such Will compared to a lot of Speech Therapists who wants only our money. I heard about you by You tube , On the Spicer method. You talked about a Girl that when her Sister was born she started to only listen to her,And forgot herself.. That might have Caused her Stammering..So in that same idea , i thought of myself in that situation , i always am the guy who follows.. i’m always tend to put
the others problem first..I feel like i can’t have my own idea .. own goal! ., God it seems so weird to write that kind of thing but anyway..

So yeah i’m 18 years old .. Don’t know since when i stutter or stammering. All of my friends remember of me 8-12 speech fluently.. Its not that bad i can speak my mind .. but i bug on the start.. on certain word i repeat all in my mind and then i block on them or just Replace the word well i dont think u need to hear this , im sure u know all the Symptoms. So my question isย Will you have some tips? to help me out? Some quick Advice that i could apply ., Cause i’m very desesperate .. and it blocks me from Getting my goals in life Buisness/love etc…

And By the way Sorry for my english might be poor , i’m Self taught French-Canadian

Looking forward to an answer!!


May I suggest that you get my ecourse? It is full of advice and tips and exercises that you might find are just what you are looking for.

Hi Laura
okay i surely will ,. But ive got dissapointed from some course i purchased recently about some Shouting and singing technique to go over my Stammering .,.
Are you sure that you’re course can help me? cause my stammering isn’t a Severe cause but it bugs me like hell!!!

My count of courses i bought thru the net : 05
is it some Easy praticables techniques? or some Yelling thing like ive seen ?

Looking forward for an answer! And btw You’re the First person to claim to help stutterer that actually respond to email ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t be SURE that my course will help you. But I think that it is the combination of mental and physical processes that has allowed my method to be as successful as it has been.

The course only has a chance of success if you really DO it.
Most of my clients have already been disappointed by other courses and therapists so I am quite used to giving better value than can be found elsewhere!
Of course I would rather see you in person because then I could be really specific about what would help you but I realise that is impossible in your case. So all I have to offer you is my e-course. If you decide to risk the investment you can always email for extra advice on how to use it if necessary.

Hi Laura ,
Its me again , i’ve receive you’re E-Course , i wen’t throught it Already two times! , trying to Memorize All those Exercises to do them more easily
in my Everyday , I should take some notes about those Programme Yourself unconsciously wise , These are great! , I hope beeing able to find place
in peace to pratice those Everyday ,.. Althought it seems weird? all this stuff seems ” pretty easy ” to do .. for so much of a Problem Stammering can BE!
So yeah feel free to reply this email.

Impatient to start praticing !! Thanks for you’re patience .

Since i bought you’re course i’ve tried to narrow the Most useful exercises in it cause where i live theres not alot of
time where i can pratice it.. i worked on What makes me Stammering ” i’m a lower case ” i stutter like 2-3 times on the first
word on some sentence and then i’m gone ,. so yeah i tried to focus with the Stomach muscle breath, before speaking ,. but even if i speak on the outbreath i seem to have ” Blocks ” , So wisely i focused on tongue exercises , and Lips , Cause i have an hard time sometimes use those Words with alot of sylabs ,so i tought of sending you an email to light my way throught the Exercises i should narrow first if i block and repeat some word on the beggining.. Hopefully you could hand me a key to end my Endless jail time on mine..

Thanks for you’re time Laura.
Waiting for an answer ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am glad you feel so interested. The best way to remember the exercises is to do them with the book 2 or 3 times. Once you have you will find them easy to remember.

The trick is to do all the exercises once or twice and then you will have a good ‘feel’ for what will be most useful to you. Then choose out those ones and do just them every day for a couple of weeks until you notice the improvement curve flattening. Then review your choice and choose out the next group of exercises. If you are tenacious, do the exercises every day, I am sure you will notice at least a significant improvement within the next 30 days. I am really looking forward to hearing back from you then

best wishes I really hope it helps you even more than you had expected! Then you can write me a testimonial!


Hi laura , me again , i’m asking myself some questions over your breathing technique , should i pratice it every day so that after i breath in that way always? Because thats the big problem for me its ., i have difficulty starting sentences., or Starting to speak the word seem blocked in some way , i don’t push it cause i fear a stutter rush if i do so ,. yeah Starting sentences and forming voyells id say , so i’m working on some tongue exercises and lips. so yeah i felt i had to send you an email to specify what kind of ‘stammerer’ i am.

Hoping an answer from you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hi again
I Just noticed you were talking of me in you’re book at the beggining..

When you talk about person who knows they will stammer if they use this Sentence or this word..
Thats Exactly ME! I’m always shifting with words! and ways! to re-choosing them , just wondering
If you threated someone who looks like my case .. Cause i’m a kind of Hidden Stammerer..
it is killing all my Thought and tries to live a wonderfull life end up with me repeating the
beggining of my sentences.. i hope that’ll help you to narrow the kind of Stammerer
i might be , and help you target Most useful exercises i could use with your book!

Thanks for your patience!

By the way, you remember me my Music teacher!! she’s just like you! helpful
and nice, because of her if i play classic guitar so well .

Hi laura , i bought the Stammering course like 5 months ago.. i’m having an hard time to pratice it , i have 2 brothers and 6 sisters so you might know how they may act around me when i’m praticing so its kinda hard

But anyway i’m trying over and over again to do the most exercises possible!!

I have a question for you , i have found ” i think ” that the cause of my Stammering is caused by another issues i had for like 4-5 years and its about this time the stammering occured
cause it forced me to hide it all the time i ruined in my teenage , ‘ i’m 18 ‘

So there is my question , will it be easier to remove the stammering if i got the problem that maybe started it fixed?

Once again i’m french and i tried my best on this message!!

Hoping to hear from you soon

Merry Christmass to you and all your family!

, Thanks!

Hi ,
You are 18 years old so isn’t there somewhere you can go to practice where you won’t be disturbed? You know, it would be such a shame for your family, who I am sure love you, to hold you back so much.

You did not say specifically what the ‘problem’ is but perhaps you could get rid of both at the same time.
Whatever the other problem is, your stammer is affected by your thoughts and feelings so if you think that getting rid of whatever it is would help, you can imagine what it will be like when you have dealt with other issues and it is gone.
Once you can imagine it you can tell your own unconscious mind “why wait?”! And the stammering can go first, just knowing that the other thing is going to be removed or changed.

By the way, your English is a whole lot better than my french! Well done

best wishes and happy christmas


I’m gonna start by saying thanks! i wasn’t expecting an answer so quick!

i deeply think that the cause of my stammer , started when the other issue happened cause my mom remember of me when i was 11 years old when i was talking my mind off and didn’t care about it , but i told her that its like that i haven’t seen myself in years… its like my body went into somekind of survival mode.. anyway we are planning the surgery soon february id say.

I also worked on myself to notice which problem was affecting me the most.. when i was 12-13-14 it was the other problem .. but now i think its pretty much the stammer..
cause now its on every sentences i may say the block happens , 2-3 words at the beggining , and then it flow and then blocks in the middle ect.. and i know i gotta pratice but there is no place to do it!

Thanks for your time!!!!!! you just made my christmas day!

Hi again,
well that is great – I mean to be able to make someone’s christmas day by replying to an email! Well, here is one for your boxing day!

I know lots of guys with some physical problems of one kind or another and some really care about it and I know some boys who just don’t care at all It’s is really strange for me at my age. All those things that seemed so important when I was younger I realise now were just me discovering who I was and so insignificant.
Far more important is that you don’t waste your life hiding. So I am pleased you are going to see someone who will help you in whatever way is appropriate.

It sounds to me like you need to do some reprogramming of your mind. There are quite a few of those exercises in my e-course. From the little bit you have told me about you, I would think that the breathing and some confidence would make a difference to start with.

The reason people don’t stammer when they are angry is because they are sending lots of breath out when they shout. You need to send out lots more sound and breath. Holding your voice back may well be one of the reasons you have been stammering. In fact, holding yourself back sounds like something you have been doing and I hope now it is time to stop.

We are all so different and that is wonderful. What a boring world it would be if we were the same as each other. The way you look, your voice, what you know, and what you can do is your unique combination. That is the wonderful thing you bring to the world. And when you decide that whatever you have you will just offer and see if anyone wants it and then give it generously you will discover, I am sure, that there are people out there for whom you are just what they want and need – as a friend or a student or a boyfriend etc. None of us is perfect and that is a good thing – then we would have nothing to work on and improve!

So yes, if it matters to you then of course you are going to do something about the other issue. As for your voice, relax more wherever you can, breathe deeper (the way it shows you in the course), and practice a feeling of relaxed confidence inside as often as possible.

Imagine yourself speaking totally fluently every day – not as a dream – but as a plan. Like when you think about what you are going to do later. Just see it in your mind as if it will happen. Tell your own unconscious how to do it – remind yourself you will need to breathe and relax and feel good inside and the words will flow. Imagine doing that over and over again.

Take your power and explain to your family you need to practice some ‘speaking on the breath’ or go in the bathroom, put some loud music on so they can’t hear you and do it there. But find a way to do it.

I think now is the time to put all that difficulty behind you, and let go of your fears that you aren’t perfect as you are. Get the physical thing fixed if it will help you (though it probably doesn’t matter to anyone else other than you), stretch, breathe and speak and then get out of the house and make some friends!!

Please let me know how you get on.

And have a great new year


Hi laura , me again

I just had a party related with Christmas time , where i drank alot of beer.. and noticed that the feeling of beein a pushy person someone who talk his mind without having any problems , is a thing i want to be able to do without the alcohol,

So from now on i will force myself and kick my butts to follow your course each days , pratice , months.. even if i dont see improvement on the first 2-3 weeks i will keep on doing it cause im tired of beein a stammerer and i had the tools in my face all those months .. and didn’t use them cleverly , now i’m making a statement , I Won’t be a stammerer for my 20th , since my birthday is the 26 january i will have 19 , i give myself 3 months intensively of hard work on that course , now its time to end this masquerade that is messing my life so bad, chasing all the suicidals thought away and planning for success ahead, i guarantee you
now its time to meet with myself again , enough of messing around .

Thanks for the support , it was really needed , and now i know deep-in myself that is the thing to do , and i will work on and on
from now on.

Date that the stammer died 2010 , and i will make it my personal goal to achieve what i set.

When my mom used to say that Christmas is a magical time , now i’m starting to believe it since i found an angel beein you that set goal to help a person that she doesn’t even know to overcome his worst demons.. unbelievable laura , that is what you are!!!

I will never have enough time to thanks you from what you given me , now that you opened my eyes , time to work!

Hi again
Wow! That is awesome. And that is the attitude of a winner.
Stick with it. You will break free.
And if you have any questions about the practice etc, you know you can write and I will do my best to answer.

Let me know how it is progressing in a few weeks time

Rock on!

Hi laura
i have questions about Breathing technique , should i breath like this all the time? or 10-20 times each days to let it become second nature? or else i could just be aware of my breathing and changing it when i find that i breath not low down .

second thing , Christmas time will be done soon , so everyone is going back to school and work , leaving me plenty time to work on my speech only person that will left at home will be my brother he is 24 , i will explain to him that i’m doing it no matter what , so what if it bothers him , i’ll just put some music in my room!

3-4 days to go before praticing hardcore speech , (30-45 mins a day ) so now i’m doing quiet exercises , Mind ones !
right now i’ve done the state ones , relax , self-assured , and confident , its looking great!

Don’t worry i will keep it up , i won’t dissapoint myself , and you on the other hand! i’m 100% sure this course works!

(( BTW , it feels good to wake up at morning and not feeling useless , cause you know you are about to change your situation ))

Thanks once again laura!

Do the breathing like this when you are doing the exercises.
I breathe low down all the time. So do you when you are really relaxed – when you are falling asleep for example. So you are building the muscles and the habit. The more you learn to get used to the feeling of speaking ‘on the breath’, letting the words ‘ride’ on the breath coming from low down, the better.
You will need to get used to the sensation of speaking with the breath like this so you can do it more and more of the time. So the answer is, do it in the exercises and then also when you remember at other times.
It is important to stay relaxed about it though so avoid turning it into something you HAVE to do all the time! Relax, enjoy the feeling, enjoy being able to speak more easily and fluently and let your body and mind learn it.
Best learning happens when you are enjoying it and feeling positive and good. So enjoy!
Thanks for keeping in touch.
ps would it be ok to put some extracts of our emails onto the blog on my website. I won’t put your full name if you prefer. Let me know. I think this would be really helpful for other people too.

Hi laura

Those mind exercises are fantastic , it kept my Suicidal thoughts away from when i started! its so powerful!

i have readed the book of Richard bandler when i first heard about nlp 6 months ago or so , and i just read it in vain! so i might read it again to understands trully his tips since now i have a better idea of what it is
and i saw alot of youtube videos where he is in and he’is just so Genius to be ignored!!

Yes! I think Richard Bandler is a genius too! You can anchor any strong resourceful state! Pick the best examples for you.
And yes these are powerful techniques. Once you realise that you really have the power and you really can be in control it is so fantastic.
I am excited to think about you discovering so many strong and good things you can do and making your future a place that you really can look forward to.
All best wishes

Hi laura
I wanted to write to you , to keep you updated on the changes on goin in my life right now

First of all , lemme tell you that i feel 50x happier then i used to be when i thought about the things in my life that weren’t exactly or i wanted them to be, and then now i just realise that , i was putting a date on my happiness , which is so wrong from my part cause , i always used to say to myself , i’ll be happy when … bla bla , and yet , i just discovered that , just by telling me every morning and so on to work on feeling happy! just does the trick by itself so all the years i’ve been outdating happiness cause of the millions of things that been affecting me.. i was just wrong , im so pleased about finding your course and NLP , might be my savior after all =)

and btw i’m starting working on breathing exercises tomorrow =) really excited about it , and i set goals to myself for my birthday which is in 22 days

but whats funny is just by thinking of beein fluent and a confident person .. it just made my stammer vanishes in 80% of the situations! only been 1 week or so , Fantastic! its like magic!
so i’m gonna concentrate on state and breathing for a lil while , and then throw some physical exercises , once i know that the thoughts of stammering is gone i can concentrate on whats up with lips or tongue or what ever blocking me on a physical way , its just simply beautiful =)

Thanks you

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