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I often have clients come to me wanting to be helped to overcome a feeling of low confidence. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like George Clooney or Elle Macpherson!

In my years of experience working with clients, I have noticed how lack of confidence comes in many different guises and can be about the most surprising things.  What seems to one person to be something that they do absolutely naturally, can be for another person an activity or situation filled with horror.  A sense of dread comes upon them, they find themselves sweating or blushing, and they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

Sometimes the feeling of lack of confidence is combined with the “butterflies in the tummy” that come with anxiety; for others, the “unconfident feeling” builds up and leads to panic; while for others still, their missing confidence is something that takes the joy out of whatever it is that they would love to be doing.

In some cases, the client even knows that they are actually quite capable of doing the thing that they feel bad about – and it’s only the feeling of lack of confidence that is getting in their way and making them less effective.

Some clients tell me that they once felt confident, and now they don’t, and others tell me that their lack of confidence is a general thing, and is all tied up with feelings of “low self esteem” and “unworthiness”.

The great news is that in any and every case, I am able to help.  
And I’m pleased to say that in every case, after we have worked together, they leave on the right path to a future in which their unconfident feelings are consigned to the dustbin, and they are able to embrace doing things that once they imagined would be “impossible”.  It’s deeply satisfying to see my clients getting on with things that they would once have shied away from, empowered to enjoy their lives.

If you are currently struggling with confidence issues and you want to contact me about it, first read on:

My job when I work with you is not about analysis and it’s not about going over problems.  My job is about identifying what you are doing in your head and body that makes you feel and behave the way you do, and giving you a choice about how to feel and behave in future.

In many ways, my work is about education, and about getting you in touch with the things that really bolster feelings of confidence, of self-affirmation and rock-solid certainty that everyone has in them somewhere.  Once we’ve started working together, you can be confident you will notice a change for the better – and soon.

I know that sometimes it is unimaginable that you could feel so very different and so much better – but that just tells me you can’t imagine it.   Not that you won’t be able to do it and feel it  – once you know how.

There are no fixed systems for treatments because every treatment is designed around the way you think and feel.   Just because the ‘problem’ has the same name doesn’t mean it operates in the same way in every person.   So my job is to find out the things you are not already aware of and are driving the feelings you have been having and then to offer you, at both a conscious and unconscious level, a new and more efficient, effective and happier alternative.   

And the best news of all is that it is quick and it will feel easy and natural.   You may have to practice your new way of thinking and feeling in order for it to operate completely automatically but as soon as you feel it you will just know it is right.

Although you may not be able to imagine feeling so much more confident, once you are working with me you will know, before you leave the session, that you are on a much better track and you will easily want to do the practice and embed the new skill.

Typically just two hours is enough though in some cases a follow up single hour session (or very occasionally two) are needed to transform yourself and the way you feel.

If you want to feel more confident, at work, at home and in your social life then contact me now to book your appointment.

How will you know when you really feel more confident?

Here are some quotes you might find interesting and resonant with you ….

“Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you.”

Z. Ziglar


“Confidence is trusting that I have something to offer and that it will be valued…..even if I have no clue exactly what it is!!!”

Roberta Smart


“For me, confidence is trusting that I do have the inner wherewithal to meet the demands of a situation – even if I’m not quite sure of the ‘how’.”

Marie Pembridge


“Confidence is a resilient positive certainty about yourself that holds your attention in a smart place without effort, creating a *self reinforcing* feedback loop of *self validation* that is present in the background of your awareness, and fuels your action and ideas with focussed and practical hope.”

Thomas O’Duffy


“Confidence is knowing you are okay in what you do and say and are….helped by being able to express your creativity.”

Kirsten Barger


“Confidence gives me the audacity to go ahead and make changes.”

Lesley Jane Love


“Self-confidence is a state of un-self-consciousness.”

Jordi Devas


If you have a good way of describing what confidence means to you, and you would be happy for me to add it here on this site please fill in the contact form.  And if you would like to come to see me and feel so much better about yourself, contact me now.

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