Is Sound a Secret Healer?

Just a quick blog post today as I have loads to do right now.   But I felt moved to jot down some thoughts on whether Sound is an underrated healer – or damager!

Do you love the sound of the ocean or wince at another loud siren passing you on the street?

Do people feel better when you have been talking to them – or worse!!

Have you even ever considered that your voice is a sound tool that could be healing your listeners?

When I hurt my knee some years ago and was sent for some physiotherapy the therapist used a machine that buzzed on my damaged knee with first very low pitched sub-sonic and then very hight pitched super sonic sound waves.

She told me that this was designed to reduce pain and inflammation and to speed up the healing process.    Apparently this is a known and scientifically accepted fact.     I have a massage thingy at home for when my back is hurting which vibrates sound and heat for the purpose of healing too.

Many people today have tried alternative healing methods using gongs, crystal and singing bowls as well as other marvellous sounding kit.   I once had a fabulous session on a bed that was strung underneath with strings like a harp!   Lying on that bed as it was being played was ecstatic and sent me into an altered state of consciousness which was both pleasurable and enlightening.

But how about the opposite?   I have recently moved out of a big city (London) and am now living in a very peaceful and quiet part of the country side where the loudest noises are the buzz of the bees and the wind in the trees.   Something tells me that this is a much healthier option and the lack of almost constant sirens,  cars,  lorries and planes overhead feels far better for me,  both psychologically and physically.

When you speak,  your voice sends out vibrations out and doesn’t just go in through your listeners’ ears – it goes into the pores of their skin and vibrates them deeply!   Think about how much you can have your mood changed by listening to different music!   A speaking voice works the same way.

Have you ever listened to someone and just felt soothed?   Or anxious?   Irritated or inspired?   Of course you have!   Do you have favourite voices?   Please post the names of people with your favourite voice below!   I love Richard Burtons voice for one.    His rich tones make me feel sexy and relaxed 🙂


You can’t hear your voice on the inside the same as you are heard from the outside, so you can’t really tell whether your voice is likeable for yourself –  though you may have a sneaking feeling it could be more flexible and pleasurable to listen to.

TIP: next time you are talking to someone in a shop just have some of your attention on whether the sound vibrations you are creating feel like they are healing you, yourself – or jangling you!   And use another little bit of your attention on noticing whether your listener is responding positively to you talking to them, backing away or not connecting at all.

If you have children how quickly can you soothe them into sleep at night?   And how easy is it for you to lift the mood of others?

Remember you are not only vibrating your listeners and massaging them with your vibrations – but also vibrating yourself.   Becoming more aware of the effect your voice has and whether it is healing like the sound of the ocean or hurting like a siren at close range is the first step to a really useful positive change.   Positive changes usually start with greater awareness!

TRY THIS:  you can give yourself a sound massage by spending 5 minutes with eyes closed sitting comfortably and intoning the vowels:   Ahhhh;  Eeeee;   Ohhhhh;   Oooooo

Stay with each sound for at least one whole breath and notice how you feel at the end of 5 minutes!   You could also notice how you feel after each different sound – as each carries its own magic.   You can play with adjusting the sound so it feels really good to you too 🙂

I think we all have an amazing tool which we can use for the good of others in a subtle and secret way.   After all every good spell has to be spoken in order to send it out into the universe to do its magic!

Please post below if you try the vowel intoning and tell me how you feel afterwards – and tell me if you have any favourite speaking voices too.

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