Is Alan Watts a rubbish public speaker?

Watch this to hear him talk!  Life and Music – Alan Watts

I love this guy!

I listen to his talks a lot and they are filled with wisdom and food for thought.

As a public speaker at first I thought he was a nightmare.

He is a hesitant speaker and often seems ‘arhythmic’ in his delivery and he goes off on tangents, and to begin with I couldn’t believe his delivery which at best seemed clunky.   And yet….

Of course his material is amazing for anyone interested in personal development and mindfulness.

But his delivery breaks most of the ‘great public speaking’ rules.

So what is it that keeps me listening and going back for more?

This is why I never try to turn my clients into ‘orators’!   OK, Alan Watts has a rich and resonant voice which is very pleasant on the ear.   But his hesitating, rambling style definitely breaks the ‘rules’ of how to be a great public speaker.

But he is in a wonderful state – humorous, light, grounded and connected with the audience and it comes through in everything he does.   He is full of love.   Love of life.   Love of personal growth.   He sounds generous and non judgemental – and he seems to be laughing at himself and all the rest of us humans, in the most loving and empathic way.

I have always said there is no such thing as a ‘wrong voice’ only a voice that does or does not convey what you want it to convey.

His pace is interesting – a little slow but just listening to him calms me down and puts me in a light and loving, mindful place and I love the way I feel when I have been listening to him.

The first time I heard him my response was to laugh at his ‘clunky’ style.   But it only took a moment to start feeling engaged and interested.

Most of all – he is authentic!   He isn’t trying to be anyone else.   He isn’t worrying about whether he is a ‘great’ public speaker.   He isn’t attached to his ego or worrying about what you think of him.

He is just being him.

So many people are wracked with worry and concern about whether you will like them or admire them.   Alan Watts is standing in his power and telling his story, unafraid to be himself and let you see him.   And he wants the best for his listeners.

And all of that make him someone I am always happy and ready to hear.

He enriches me.

So isn’t it time for anyone who is going to stand up in public and convey a message to take a leaf out of his book and stop fretting about whether you are good enough to be standing there?

Whoever you are you have a story to tell.   A lesson to teach.   And once you stop worrying about whether you are good enough, you have a much better chance of shining and contributing something nourishing to all of us listeners.

When I work with clients most of my work is about getting rid of the blocks to authenticity.   Getting them to stop getting in their own way!    And once that is done the next thing is to show them how to get into the best possible state of mind to convey their message authentically.    Sometimes I need to help them with their voices so they are pleasant on the ear.   Sometimes I have to help them increase their energy level.    But it is amazing how a voice drops into rich resonance once you clear the blocks and stand in your power – grounded in your best possible state and willing and ready to shine and let people bathe in your energy.

What do you think of Alan Watts’ style?

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  1. Mindvalley says:

    I love the post. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Very inspiring!

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