Interview or Exam Nerves

Interview:Exam nerves


Many competent people fail to get their promotion, dream job or to pass their exams because they feel so nervous.

A little bit of adrenaline can help to keep you alert and energised – but too much adrenaline in your system inhibits the free flow of memory and thinking so that you go blank and cannot answer a question you would normally be able to answer.

Do you really want your potential employer to perceive you as over-nervous, instead of confident that you are the right person for the job?   Do you really want a lower mark in your exam than you know you deserve?   Or are you someone who does well but suffers days or weeks of extreme nervousness in the run-up to that important interview or exam?

Over the years I have helped many people to be at their very best – promotions have been achieved, exams passed and new jobs won – just from spending a couple of hours with me, reprogramming their thinking and feeling about the upcoming event.

If you are someone that dreads interviews or exams, then look no further – contact me now

In your session you will find the process comfortable and easy – you relax while i do the work of making sure that at both an unconscious and a conscious level you are easily able to feel more confident and ready to be at your very best

Why suffer when you can change your unhelpful response for ever!

And if you are a parent with a child who is anxious about GCSEs, A levels or University exams then contact me now and support your child to get the best out of themselves at these crucial times   It is a sound investment in their future.

Sessions include a free copy of my CD “The 4 Steps to Conquer Interview & Exam Nerves”

Conquer interview and exam nerves

Maximise your potential in your interview or exam.

This MP3 by Laura Spicer and Paul Wright uses hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns to reprogramme you to feel so much more confident and become more competent for your interview or exam.

If you want to maximise your potential in your interview or exam, then this is the MP3 for you! Whether you have months to go before the event and lots of time to prepare, or whether you only have a few days to get into the most effective state of mind, you can use this MP3 to reprogramme your thinking and feelings so you can be at your very best – confident and ready to show them how good you can be.

Many people who have failed their interviews and exams in the past have found that with Laura and Paul’s help they can look forward to success.

Click here to download the MP3 version or order your CD now!

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