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It can be Lonely at the Top! Discover what Personal Coaching for High Performers Can Mean For You & Your Life!

“Express Excellence” is my name for your Personal Development Coaching and it is unlike other personal coaching experiences.

Designed to increase your self awareness, develop your talents and potential, enhance your quality of life and contribute to your self confidence. It includes focusing on setting realistic goals to fulfil your potential and aspirations.

Wherever you are on the career ladder – from just starting out through to CEO, working on your personal development and empowerment is the best way to keep improving and optimising your performance and your satisfaction with life in general.

Even when you have achieved a great deal there is always more waiting for you to achieve!  And let’s face it, it can be lonely at the top.  It is important to have someone unconnected with your work colleagues, family and friends to talk to about what is going on for you and to help support and guide you when you need it.

I have heard so often that work is going great but the marriage is not ideal.

Or certain areas of work are really good but others are a struggle.

I have worked with Partners and Directors who have reached where they are in their career because they are highly valued for a specific aspect of their job.   For example a great negotiator I worked with had reached Board level in the organisation but his relationship with the CEO was so dire he was considering quitting.

If every area of your life is just how you want it and you have already far exceeded expectations, are blissfully happy in all your relationships and you couldn’t want more or are completely on track in every area of your life – then this coaching may not be for you!  However, my view is that there is always more happiness to be found and more success to be achieved and it often takes an outside person to help you focus on the areas that have been neglected while you focused on others.


OK, so you already know you want some coaching – how do you choose which coach to work with?

Every coach is different just as each person is unique.   Dependent on your particular preferences and predilections one coach may be ideal and another may have little to offer you. Bottom line is that you want a coach who can take you quickly and successfully towards your own goals for yourself.

So it is important you choose wisely.   For many before you I have been the right mix of personality style and skills.   You will already have some idea from looking through this web site and reading the ‘about Laura’ page.

If you would like a chemistry session during which you can ask questions and get a ‘feel’ for my style this can be arranged.   If you have a gut feeling and already know you want to work with me we can start straight away.

Most importantly as this is a collaboration, the coaching is something which must be right for you and me – so we can start as we mean to go on and arrange a telephone call or a meeting or a chemistry session for us to discuss your goals and how I can assist you to achieve them.

  • Are you a high performer?
  • Do you want the best from yourself?  
  • Are you ambitious in all areas of your work and personal life?

If you are answering yes – click on this link now to request a call back and start the ball rolling.

Top performers know that continued support and coaching is essential to keep improving.   Every top sports performer has ongoing coaching not only for their outer game but their inner one.   This is because it is commonly accepted that the way you think affects the quality of your performance.   Having a ‘bad day’ could mean being eliminated from the tournament!

It may not be quite so make-and-break to be on poor form in an important meeting or to come across as boring in a presentation or even to be struggling with a relationship at work or home.  But if you thought “that’s just the luck of the draw” – think again!

I specialise in assisting you to be at the top of your game whenever you choose – and especially at particularly stressful or important times.


“When Laura works with you, be prepared to be surprised and delighted with what you will discover you are capable of, no matter how excellent your performance already is.”

How does it work?

Each session is for 2 hours and we meet once a month for 6 or 12 months dependent on your goals.

It is goal focused training yet each session will bring measurable rewards.   Between the sessions we will connect via email once a week and by phone every other week to keep track, monitor progress and adjust thoughts, practices and behaviours.   Most importantly we will both stay in touch with the direction of progress to make sure we are right on track and schedule.


This is called Express Excellence for a reason.  It is a fast track to your excellence in performance and in the way you express yourself in every communication.

By the end of the year when you look back you will be able to look at your life and work and be proud of where you have got to.

This coaching is not off the shelf – this is truly bespoke “Platinum Level Coaching” for clients who want the very best the marketplace has to offer and who are determined to be one of those who can contribute the very best back into the community, their organisations and their own lives.

Contact Laura, to arrange a telephone meeting to find out more.

Shorter courses and one off sessions also available where appropriate Contact Laura, for more information

Thought provoking and of immense value”

Senior Manager, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“Laura provided me with excellent support in meeting my personal development goals. Her analysis is profound yet practical, and she has a range of techniques at her disposal and a fund of experience to draw on that gives confidence about the work she does. There was good flexibility on what we focussed on and how we addressed it to get the best results at any given time.”

J. Gorrie, KPMG

“Exceeded expectations…strongly recommended”

Corporate Sales, Glaxo SmithKline

“I want to thank you for your help and guidance with regard to improving my oral presentation skills. In particular, the large variety of tools and techniques that you used were relatively simple to implement. Moreover, they were very effective in creating a credible, powerful and flexible presentation style which were my goals. The outcome of the coaching was better than I had imagined.”

Banker, ABN AMRO

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