Food Phobias and LBC

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Earlier today I was a guest presenter on Tom Parker Bowles food programme (LBC 97.3FM) talking about food phobias and taking calls.

It is amazing how much variety there can be in one subject.   There were hundreds of calls though of course only a few got on air.   We had everything from not liking certain vegetables, not liking tic tacs right through to being unable to eat at friends’ houses at all.

I hope that if I conveyed anything, it is that there is a way to change this and even if someone has been living with it for many years, more freedom awaits!   Of course, because I am an NLPer I think that the best way to make that change from being trapped and dictated to by a phobia to more freedom of choice is to see someone who uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – but choose well.   There is a huge variety within the world of NLP.   The many trainings that are available are very varied and there are a number of different ‘schools’ within the NLP world.

If you are looking for an NLP consultant, my thought is best of all to get a personal recommendation.   After that, the next best is to research on line and find someone who looks like they are doing a good job.   Most of us have You Tube videos to watch too, so you would be able to see and hear what the Practitioner looks and sounds like and get a ‘feel’ for whether that person seems to be someone you would like to work with.

Anyway, it was fun for me to go into the LBC studio and to meet Tom, who was very nice to me and I enjoyed the whole thing.   I would have liked to have ‘cured’ someone over the air but I was told that was not the idea.  I just had to give some general info and tips, which I did.   I very much hope that it was useful – well, I gave up my Valentine’s Day and a Sunday to go in and make the show so I really hope it was useful to some people!

If you listened to the show, do post your comments and thoughts about what you heard (nice ones please if possible :-)) and if you have any questions that you would like to ask I would be happy to answer them in this blog.

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