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Laura Spicer’s courses always get the best feedback!

Voice Courses

Smaller and Larger Group Courses in Voice and Communication skills for business, for NLP-ers, for Hypnotists – in fact, everyone and anyone benefits from having a voice that really conveys the message.

Laura has been working in the corporate world with groups and individuals, helping them with their voices and communication abilities for the last 25 years. She is the director of Spicer Ameldian Associates Ltd. which was set up to serve the corporate community. She has become well known for her unique style and the speed at which she is able to help people become more effective, confident and skilful speakers and communicators.

So unlike many other voice coaches, Laura is not aiming to teach you to have an actor’s voice – more to develop the flexibility to express the many different moods and feelings behind the words.

When Laura’s clients tell you their project is exciting you will hear it and see it and feel it thoroughly.

For business people:

if you want to present more powerfully,

negotiate more compellingly,

motivate your team more effectively;

or whether you just want to get better results in any area of business practice –

Contact Laura for immediate and measurable results.


If you are a practitioner of NLP or hypnosis, you know it is paramount to have a flexible, effective voice. Contact Laura now and prepare to increase your effectiveness in every session and training.

When Laura’s clients are using hypnosis or NLP with their own clients, effectiveness is multiplied in intensity, depth and speed.

For trainers of any skills – your voice is such a powerful tool for conveying, teaching and training.   Whether you work with children or adults, and for any and all subjects and styles of training, being able to fascinate, inspire, engage and motivate your trainees and students is an essential skill.

If you would like to include a module on voice in your trainings to enhance your students’ communication skills, this can be arranged – Contact Laura to discuss.

Even if you just want to be able to speak to your children or partner at home in a way that gets better responses – learning how to use your voice tones and tunes will be a skill and an art that will transform the responses you get!

Contact Laura to discuss your goals and how she can facilitate you reaching those goals with least effort, greatest speed while enjoying the process.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Courses

Learning NLP skills is one of the most life-affirming, useful personal and professional development tools today. For more information on learning NLP skills with Laura please click here


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One to One Coaching Sessions with Laura

1:1 Personal Development coaching course is designed for business people and consists of a series of coaching sessions focused on upgrading multiple areas of business performance through developing mental congruence.

Once you practice monitoring the mechanics of how you process information you will discover how easy it is to get the very best from yourself in every area of performance.  Click for more in depth information.

To read more about other specific types of 1:1 coaching sessions with Laura you can click on the sidebar menu on the consultation sessions page or click below for more information on single consultations with Laura on the following topics:


For help to deal with a problem

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“Having been trained by Laura on several occasions I was excited to hire her voice coaching specialism and superb training skills as an integrated part of one of our own training courses. It was a great call! Our delegates were delighted by Laura as she guided them through a series of activities that instantly expanded their self confidence, public speaking and presentation skills. She thoroughly deserves her reputation and professional standing – you cannot, not learn from her, even during a casual conversation (as our journalists discovered when they interviewed her for several magazine and newspaper articles – they loved her!). It is refreshing to work with such elegant state management, clean communication and attention to customer satisfaction.

We will certainly hire her again.”

Kay Cooke

Coach, Consultant, Trainer

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