Consultation Sessions

NLP is an effective and rapid form of treatment which makes it easy for you to make desired changes.
In contrast with psychotherapy, which can last for months or even years, the focus is on rapid solutions.
Consultation sessions can include hypnosis where appropriate to get your new thoughts and feelings in deep.
Once you know how to make your desired changes quickly, easily and naturally amazing results, more effective control and freedom follow. It is very scientific, but it works like magic.

Consultations are to help you clear a problem and make a change for the happier, healthier and more effective. Coaching for Business Performance, Personal Development and Personal Change are also available as single sessions.  Click on the items in the sidebar menu for more specific information.

The thing that all the consulations and coaching sessions have in common is that they are designed to help youmake positive changes in your life.


The difference between a talent and a skill, is that a talent is just what you can do naturally.   A skill is learned.   And even those who are very talented need to develop certain skills.   However talented and skilled you may be, there is always more and even better.   There are always areas that are advantageous to develop, and learn.

Your consultation is designed to embed your new skills easily and quickly.   Whether it is learning to speak more powerfully, become more confident or clear a phobia – or anything else – your consultation is designed around you and your goals and is a unique experience.


Have a look at the about NLP  or about Voice Coaching page for more information on either.

Please check the sidebar menu for more information on specialisms or help to clear:




or Depression.

If it isn’t on the list, Contact Laura to find out if she can help you to

  • Eliminate your unwanted behaviours or
  • Achieve your goal in any area of your life, performance or communication.

“Hi Laura,


Some years ago I was a client of Laura’s as I suffered from blushing and social anxiety. She was gentle, humorous and expert in her approach.  The treatment was remarkably successful and transformative bringing about deep, significant and lasting change.

As well as resolving my social anxiety Laura was an inspiration.  I remember her commenting at the end of our final session together that I would make a good NLP practitioner/coach.  This stayed with me and since then I have trained as an NLP practitioner, studied psychology and undertaken a diploma in life coaching. I have recently set up a business as a life coach and also plan to run small residential courses in our house in France.

She is such an amazing role model and a motivating force within the coaching field – many thanks Laura.



“Laura’s genuine interest in my success has made a remarkable difference to my life, I am achieving more and setting higher standards for myself each day. Laura is really making me blossom into the person I have always dreamt of being.Laura knows how to bring out the best in you!

I have met many NLP practitioners in the past,but believe me no one is better than Laura.She is genuinely interested in my success.If you if feel unsatisfied with any area of your life then can Laura is the person for you.

Laura has turned a lost and confused person into a focused and organised individual,who is setting higher standards and achieving more each day.Her genuine interest in watching me excel inspires me to achieve even more,and set even higher goals.I would recommend her to anyone who wants to succeed in any area of their lives.

Laura has an amazing ability to unlock ones true potential and discover what really juices you in life.She knows how to tap into your soul and find out what you really want,and then pulls you towards it!

Thanks, Raina”

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