Being More Confident

I often have clients come to me wanting to be helped to overcome a feeling of low confidence. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like George Clooney or Elle Macpherson! (Picture by permission of The Kobal Collection

This post has been lifted from the JustBeWell blog – I wrote it a while back and reproduce it here for you And here is the link to the JustBeWell blog where there are lots of other NLP-ers writing about interesting things too!

Want to give a great talk? Warm up your voice first!

Want to give a great talk? – it’s worth warming up your voice!

Would you run a race without warming up your muscles? Any coach would tell you that you are crazy if you didn’t.

Most people take their voice for granted.

And yet as well as a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts, ideas and inspiration, your voice is still a part of your body and the physicality of it deserves the same consideration you would give your muscles before running a race.

If you have ever ‘lost’ your voice you will know how annoying and frustrating it feels.

3 things you can do now to get your voice sounding sweeter

If you want to make an immediate difference to the way your voice sounds here are 3 cool tips for you. I have to say that if you want to make a permanent difference by using these tips then practice is the way to go. Our bodies are very habitual so making this a habit involves practice. Like many things to do with the way we think and our output behaviours, doing it deliberately to start with and then practising it is what makes it stick. It won’t take very long before your unconscious

Is there such a thing as objective reality?

p class=”p1″>The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there. —Yasutani Roshi

Is there anything that we can truly know is objective reality? My answer is I don’t know. My internal jury is still out and deliberating!

What I do know is that my subjective experience is what matters to my life. If I think you hit me and I feel the pain, then whether you agree that you hit me really isn’t that important to me. I know science is all about proving what is objectively real and consensual, but how many times do Doctors fail to cure their patients? How often

Voice Power

I wrongly read the collection time sent by text and turned up 2 hours early at the airport.

Instead of wasting time berating myself, (see previous post) I decided it was an opportunity for a quiet read – but I hadn’t brought the book I was midway through.

So I headed to the bookshop where I saw a book called, “Talk Like Ted”,( and as it was about powerful presentations I thought I would buy it and see what they had to say about how to use your voice to make a greater impact and engage the audience more fully.

Send or Post Your Questions

Well, I have had a busy few months. At last, I am ready (I hope!) to start using this space in a way that can be useful to you. What I am going to do is to copy in any emails sent to me (send them to and put blog question in the subject line) asking me for online help. I will then post the replies.

This way, I maximise the benefits to everyone and use my time constructively. In most cases, you won’t be the only one suffering with the same problem and so you will be doing others a favour by asking and getting a reply posted.

Continuous Improvement

“We learn something every day, and lots of times it’s that what we learned the day before was wrong”. —Bill Vaughan

Have you ever made a mistake and learned from it? Then, like me, you are amongst the many who have learned how to make the best of a bad job.

I recently had to re-do my blog because it was ‘too wordy’ and through this I learned that blogging is an art form and had to be given the respect and attention it deserves if I am to create engaging and interesting content.

I have a lot to say – and to say it in a way that helps you, my readers, inform your life in ways that are helpful. So, here goes with the first of many and I hope you will allow me to help you focus on some productive thinking by sharing my thoughts in this blog.

It’s a funny ol’ life

It’s a funny ol’ life!
They say laughter is the best medicine and I would tend to agree when it comes to helping our clients change for the better.

I recently ran a “Light up and Laugh” Workshop for this very reason. My aim was to focus on one of the elements that make NLP change workers stand out from the rest. The first picture above is of us all before the workshop and the second one is afterward. Bit of a difference eh?

One of the reasons Richard Bandler’s work is so effective, is not only due to the techniques, but because of his ability to make his clients laugh. We all know as practitioners that ‘State’ is paramount and fundamental. To be able to go first into the ‘States’ we want our clients to go access is essential.

One Person’s Experience of the Stop Stammering / Stop Stuttering E-Course

Hi Laura here,

I have been exchanging emails with an 18 year old French Canadian man who is in the process of overcoming some struggles. I think he has a fantastic attitude developing and I have a strong belief that he will succeed in his ambitions to get himself sorted and fluent. He asked me to delete his name and a couple of other very personal details, but basically I have just copied and pasted our emails below. I hope it helps and encourages some other people to know that you can get determined and start to make your life one you really love.

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