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What Is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a rather complicated way of saying that our nervous system and the way we think can be described as working like a piece of computer programming and therefore can be optimised and reprogrammed. The way we talk to ourselves inside, the pictures we see in our mind’s eye both together, help to form our feelings about everything – the external world and ourselves. Our feelings, our neurology and our internal chemistry are all interacting inside us and it is this combination that gives us our experience of life and reality.

Because our behaviour is directly generated by our state of mind and body, sometimes we do things, or feel things, that we wish we didn’t. Or we are doing OK but know we could do better. The truth is, it isn’t difficult to make really deep changes, with ease, and quickly, once you know how.

NLP is education, not therapy

NLP is NOT therapy. If you want to explore yourself, your motivation, your early childhood etc. then NLP is not your best route. In this case, a good therapist may be a more sensible choice.

However, if you are good at your job, and you want to do even better, or if you are suffering with a phobia, fear, stress, anxiety, depression or lack of confidence, these are all things that can be helped by a good NLP practitioner. And a good Practitioner will be able to help you learn both at a conscious and unconscious level, to be more who you want to be, feel happier, more in control of yourself and your behaviour and much more free to be at your best. So if you want to change your behaviour or upgrade an area of your work life, NLP is leading edge, and a most effective and rapid way to get there.

What is a session with an NLP Practitioner like?

Provided your session is with the ‘right’ Practitioner (see below) your session first and foremost will be relaxing, energising, enjoyable and interesting. What your practitioner says will make really good sense to you. Some sessions may include formal hypnosis, but this will be only if you want that included and it is appropriate.

We call it Congruence

NLP Practitioners use hypnosis because sometimes that is the quickest way to get your unconscious working with you. One of the things an NLP Practitioner prizes is for your whole self, unconscious and conscious to be working together to the same end. How often do clients say, “I don’t know why I keep doing that!” Or, “I know it doesn’t make sense but it is just how I feel and I can’t help it”. When your thinking and your feelings are in conflict, for example in the case of a phobia or unwanted habit, it is a really good idea to get your whole self together and aimed in the direction you want! We call it congruence.


Sometimes, your session will be mostly talking. It may seem like it is just chit chat, but your Practitioner is trained in the things to say to you that your unconscious mind will like, and will help it to help you. During your session a really good Practitioner will never say something that isn’t designed to help you achieve your goal even when it sounds like it is just a joke or a story.

Comfortable and in control

Your session may include using your imagination or thinking about things in one way or another. Whatever else, your session will feel comfortable and you will feel fully in control. In fact, you probably will feel more in control than you have ever felt before! You will never be asked to go back into a bad experience in a way that feels horrible and you should always leave your session feeling more positive and in control, more happy and motivated than you felt when you arrived.

It’s quick!

Most good Practitioners will offer you a refund if you really feel that you haven’t got anything out of a session. This is very rarely necessary but it shows the Practitioner’s confidence in what they are offering. Most will have lots of positive feedback and testimonials from previous clients to recommend them to you. The right Practitioner will be able to help you achieve your aims quickly – within the space of one or two sessions in most cases. Some sessions will last for just one hour and some for two or longer.

How do you find the right NLP Practitoner?

There is a huge spectrum of people who call themselves Practitioners. Not all of them are worth paying to see! There are also a number of different training schools which have qualified and certificated Practitioners. Some better than others. So how do you choose?

Online check

A personal recommendation is always helpful. If you see someone advertising on line and you want to check them out, look at their testimonial page! Any really good NLP Practitioners will have a high success rate and you will be able to see from the testimonials whether they seem to be doing a good job. The internet is very useful in this regard. Search their name online and find out if there are any negative comments about them as that will give you an idea of where they are succeeding – or not.

I myself was trained with one of the co-creators of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler as well as the hypnotist, Paul McKenna, and the best Business NLP trainer, Michael Breen. I have also trained with John and Kathleen LaValle who run Dr. Bandler’s trainings with him. I am the designated Sound Communications Trainer for the Society of NLP. You can check out the Society’s website if you want to make sure your chosen Practitioner is accredited by them. www.purenlp.com

And remember, when you attend a session, if you don’t like it, tell the Practitioner, ask for a refund – and walk out! If you are working with someone really good, that just will not be necessary as you will be enjoying every minute.

How much will it cost?

Because NLP works, and fast, it may seem costly to have a session of NLP if you compare it with therapy. Therapists usually see clients regularly and for a relatively long time. Some therapists have been seeing clients for years, every day or many times a week. So costing takes that into account. Ask yourself how much it is worth to you to be free from your phobia or fear. Or to feel confident in the job interview. How much is happiness and freedom worth? It is a lot less expensive and time consuming than years of weekly therapy!

Pricing varies considerably, so I cannot quote for other Practitioners. My fee is in line with the other members of my clinical practice group justbewell.com for one to one sessions, and my group training fee is in line with other experienced top trainers and much less than some.

For a one to one session with me, my current fee is 250GBP per hour and most of my sessions are for two hours each. In most cases you will have all you came for in one session but budget for two just in case it takes a little longer. If you want to see me, contact me and I will let you know what to expect in terms of time frame and costs.

My corporate group training fee is 3000GPB per day’s training. If you want to join one of my ‘open’ courses you will find the price on my ‘products’ page when there is an open course planned.

Good decisions

Making good decisions often makes the difference between success and failure, satisfaction and regret, or what appears to be good luck, or bad. A session with a good NLP Practitioner will usually include making sure you are making really good decisions for yourself so you can achieve more of your dreams and feel more free and in control than ever before. Making the decision to get some coaching from a really good NLP practitioner may be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Whether it is to upgrade your performance or sort out a problem and consign it to the past. Who says you can’t have everything you want from your life? If you think about decisions you have made in the past, are they generally ones you are glad you made, or not?

Why wait?

I so often am told by my clients that I am their last hope. Having tried many other types of medical and alternative solutions which haven’t worked they finally resort to seeing me. I am so often told by those same clients they wish they had just come to see me before they spent fortunes of money and wasted so much time and energy with slow and inefficient methods and various therapists. I have heard this same story from many top NLP Practitioners.

So contact me now! It could save you all the disappointment, time and money you might have spent on unsuccessful interventions. Even if your problem can’t be fully resolved, you can justifiably feel confident that matters will be significantly improved in just one or two sessions.

NLP Society

“I employed the services of Laura Spicer twice, and both times, had excellent results in both sessions. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to further their career, voice coaching, hypnotherapy, phobias, or anything else, call her to make an appointment. You will be impressed by the results.”

Beren Gamble

Technical Director at AQ/AQ

“Laura is an attentive perceptive intuitive lady whose wide variety of skills are matched only by the passion with which she brings them to bear on each and every task and situation she encounters.”

Brian Colbert

Owner, Irish Institute of NLP

“Laura is an inspirational coach whose approach to developing the client’s confidence, voice and presentation skills is thorough, innovative, well researched, personal, intuitive- and full of surprises. I have no hesitation in recommending her for coaching and workshops, as I have experienced her techniques to produce permanent results and remarkably long-lasting value (I’m writing this five or so years after coaching from her.) She’s also charming, personable and utterly professional in her approach to business.”

Max Plathan-Franklin

Graphic Designer at Max Plathan Graphic Design

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