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Laura Spicer

About Laura Spicer

I believe that whatever difficulties life deals you, or you have created for yourself, it is possible to make very positive changes.

I am a great believer in aiming to be happier, healthier, more inspired by and excellent at what you do, and not just putting up with less than ideal.

Many people get stuck because they believe the way they feel is ‘just the way they are’.

But to me, all that means is they haven’t found out yet how to make the desired change.

Whether you have fears, phobias, have developed a bad habit or are just dissatisfied in some way with what you are achieving or feeling, it can be easy and quick to learn how to clear the bad feelings, get the most from yourself and have more fun and satisfaction from life.

I have been working with corporate clients and individuals for the last 20 years helping them to become more skilful, effective and happy with their lives, performance and behaviours. Over the years I have assisted hundreds of people to clear their blocks and to regain hope, happiness and greater personal satisfaction.

I particularly specialise in all matters to do with oral communication – public speaking, confidence, charisma and fluency. My method for helping stammerers and stutterers become more fluent has become well known for its effectiveness. I am passionate about helping you to get more of the results you want for yourself and from your life and to tap into your true potential.

I have also become well known for the speed at which I am able to help people become more effective, confident and skilful speakers. Unlike some other voice coaches, I am not aiming to make you sound like an orator – more to be the best you and develop the vocal flexibility to express the many different moods and feelings behind your words more fully and authentically. When my clients tell you their project is exciting you will hear it and see it and feel it thoroughly, and any fear or reticence about speaking will naturally disappear.

Having worked with the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, as well as Paul McKenna and other top trainers and teachers for years, I am well equipped to help you make positive changes to unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours. People travel to see me from all over the globe, and whether your problem is a big or small one, typically in just one or two sessions at most, I will assist you to make the changes you long for. Many of my clients have tried and tried to sort out their problem and have spent time and money with other therapists, trainers and coaches – mostly I am told they wish they had just come and seen me in the first place!

Whether you want to upgrade your presentations and public speaking impact, feel more confident, or clear discomfort, depression or fear, I will do my best to help you – and my success rate is high.

My past clients number many CEOs, directors and partners as well as well-known celebrities. However, I also frequently work with ordinary people of every age and stage of life to help clear blocks, become more confident, comfortable, powerful and most of all happy and productive.

I am licensed by the Society of NLP as a Trainer, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of DHE. I am the only designated Sound Communications Trainer for the Society of NLP, which is a great honour. I am also certificated in High Performance Coaching and am qualified as a Master Business Practitioner by MBNLP.

Are you in a vicious or a virtuous circle?

In the ‘every day’ problems that people come to see me with, I have noticed that they are either emotional, physiological, chemical or to do with the way the person is thinking.   As you are all connected up into one unique person, each of those categories affects the others. Your thoughts affect your feelings, your feelings affect your chemistry and your chemistry and feelings affect the way you are thinking about whatever the issue is. It is either a vicious or a virtuous circle.

An example might be that if you are depressed then the chemistry of the depression affects which neurological pathways are firing in your brain. Most depressed people can barely recall happy times – while they feel depressed. Chances are they are also sitting, walking and standing in a way that looks depressed. Head bowed, shoulders hunched etc. Everything works together. So when you make a change in one of those categories, the others tend to be affected too.

I like to work at each and every level to be absolutely sure that any aspect of what is connected to ‘the problem’ is changed for the more functional and happy.

I am often amazed at the difference a couple of hours can make to something that may feel like an intractable problem.

For more information on how I can help you with any of life’s problems, click on the relevant page to find out about my approach and what I have to offer.

Whether you want to change the way you feel about yourself or any of your behaviours, or you want more excellence at work, more happiness in your personal life or more fulfilment in your spiritual practice, I will work with you to help you achieve your aims quickly, and with minimum effort on your part.

In fact almost everyone who has a session with me tells me they were pleasantly surprised by how much fun they had, how much sense it all made and how they enjoyed the whole event.

And most importantly of all, after they go back to their lives and test it out, how amazed they are at the positive effect the session has had.

When I was thinking about how to describe myself to you on this page so that you can get to know me better, I posted a question on Facebook asking for some feedback from those of my Facebook friends who I have worked with. Here are some of the replies I received:

John: How about gorgeous, intelligent, wacky, role-model…

Lesley: I agree with John.

Ky Du: I agree with John. I personally have taken a course from Laura. I traveled across the pond for your VoicePower. It was fun, challenging, and surprisingly encourages me of the power of my voice. Laura is strong, passionate, confident. She speaks truthfully of her life and experiences. Thank you for standing in the light for us. You’re a lovely person inside and out. This is from my 2 days with her. For those of you, who may be lucky enough to have the opportunity, I highly recommend it.

Karen: Laura turned up in my life at the right time and changed my life in the right direction.I can’t thank her enough for her words of wisdom x

Michael: Laura Spicer is an amazing lady I met at Paul McKenna’s and Richard Bandler’s workshops. She impressed so much I bought her Power of the Voice DVD. I learned so much from this I am hoping to attend one of her workshops soon.

Carol: Gina and I were just recommending you as a great voice coach tonight x

Beju: Compassionate, always willing and wanting to help, powerful yet vulnerable, good fun, full of ideas to make things better… will always find a way to make you smile.

Hypatia: Working with Laura is always enormous fun as well as getting to learn amazing new things about your own hidden abilities, Laura always manages to help bring to mind new ideas and strategies, exceptionally fun and inspirational.

Dr Carol Robertson: Laura will give you her full attention, she really listens and has the skills to work out exactly where you are, what you are doing and because she is flexible, brave, and deeply knowledgeable she will provide you with exactly what you need and your session will created be for you, unique and effective. As a professional myself I very often use the knowledge I gained from training with her.

Alexandra: Everyone experiences times when they lose their way or their inner fire goes out. Sometimes it takes an encounter with another person to burst your flame back into life. Working with Laura ALWAYS rekindles my inner spirit & gets me feeling POWERFUL again.

You can find more comments from previous clients in the Testimonials section.

NLP Society

Laura is the only designated Sound Communications Trainer for the Society of NLP.

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