3 things you can do now to get your voice sounding sweeter

If you want to make an immediate difference to the way your voice sounds here are 3 cool tips for you.   I have to say that if you want to make a permanent difference by using these tips then practice is the way to go.   Our bodies are very habitual so making this a habit involves practice.   Like many things to do with the way we think and our output behaviours, doing it deliberately to start with and then practising it is what makes it stick.   It won’t take very long before your unconscious does it for you 🙂

If you want to monitor progress then why not start by recording yourself saying a few sentences.   You can then record yourself again once you have read and practised the following tips and notice what you like about the changed sound.   Sometimes it is a subtle change and sometimes more noticeable – so you will need to pay attention carefully so you can be aware of any subtle distinctions.

1. Really listen to yourself as you speak.   When someone is singing in tune you can be sure they are listening to themselves and adjusting the pitch and tone until it sounds ‘right’.   It works the same with a speaking voice.   If you want to sound different – listen to yourself and try adjusting until you get more of what you want.   If you need to increase your ability to hear how you sound, you can use a finger to close one ear.  And if you close your eyes you will be able to focus more fully on hearing the sound you are making.

2. Make sure you are taking good breaths.   Fill up at least 3/4 of your lungs and refill again after no more than 15 words.   For some people with less lung capacity, it may be better to refill every 10-12 words.   If you want a good way to practice always having enough breath, read out loud from a book and refill each time there is any punctuation.

3. Stretch your pitch range by making the noise of a siren going from your lowest ‘note’ to your highest and back again.   Do it 4 or 5 times to warm your voice up.

Now breathe in and have a good stretch as you let your breath out on a sigh and repeat those sentences or say something out loud and hear the improvements in the sound.


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