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Voice Power the Seminar - DVD

Voice Power the Seminar - DVD

At last, Laura Spicer's fantastic and well-respected two-day seminar is now available
on DVD! 

Laura Spicer - the designated Trainer of Sound Communications for the Society of NLP has been training peoples’ speaking voices for over 20 years and the testimonials and results she gets speak for themselves.

This DVD follows on from Laura's best-selling Voicepower and Voicepower for Teachers. It contains some of Laura's most up to date ways of training your voice so that with apparent ease you will find you are sounding much more the way you want, and being much more effective in your communications.

On disc 1 Laura teaches you about the 'Meta Programmes' behind the way you sound. She also introduces you to how you can have much more control, with ease! On disc 2 Laura continues with the most important things to focus your attention on so you are ready to make a big vocal shift with a minimum of effort. And on Disc 3 and 4 she covers all the exercises you will need to strengthen and train your vocal muscles so you can sound more the way you want.

By following the exercises and instructions on this DVD set, you will be able to get the benefits of working in person with Laura, in the comfort of your own home. This 4 DVD set is complemented by the complete course manual so as you watch the DVDs you can have an experience that is as close as possible to attending one of Laura's courses. Enjoy!


testimonial from Mr FH who watched this DVD and gave me some email feedback:

I have found your seminar very inspiring. At the end of it I felt energised and excited about taking my voice out there. My awareness around voice increased and I noticed how changing small things like the position of my head can make the world of difference. Something else to keep practicing... so a big thank you for your help, very much appreciated. FH

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