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Voice Power for NLP Practitioners - DVD

Voice Power for NLP Practitioners - DVD

Laura Spicer is designated the Trainer of Sound Communications for the Society of NLP and is the only one to hold that title.   As such, she is THE person to work with if you are an NLP practitioner or hypnotist to help you maximise the power of your voice.

This DVD is filmed during a live workshop for NLP practitioners and hypnotists and includes a plethora of useful tips and exercises to help you work on your voice so that you can increase your effectiveness with clients.   Highly recommended for NLPers and hypnotists. 
This DVD is a complete voice training course. As an NLP Practitioner, your voice is an essential and powerful tool for getting better results.

Dear Laura

Amazing, what your DVD Voice Power has done for me.
I breathe differently, better use my voice and facial expression of my feelings, my whole posture radiates what I feel.

What worked well for me was very clear: say
what I mean and stop ums and ers.

The sound of my voice is delicious!

I want to learn more
from Laura.
I can recommend it to everyone! Great

Tony Smits Vd Heuvel 

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