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Sound Practice Course

This voice course is taken over one or two days for teams of up to 8 people.

The first day is the tool kit day, and day two fine tunes the new skills. The two days are taken with 2 – 4 weeks between them during which time participants will have a practice routine so that by the time they return for their second day they have consolidated skills from day 1.

(For one to one courses, two half days are recommended with the same gap as in the group courses).

“Each participant will receive one to one attention and be guided to find the best their voice can be in every and any situation.”

This voice coaching is not off the shelf – this is truly bespoke for clients who want the very best the marketplace has to offer and who are determined to be one of those who can contribute the very best back into the community, their organisations and their own lives.

“Sound Practice is Voice Coaching in a league of its own”

Laura’s approach to communicating excellence focusses on how your voice affects the way you are perceived by others. In this course you will find out how easily you can adjust the sounds of your voice to generate the responses you have wanted but haven’t always got. For fine tuning presentation skills, internal, external and client communications and for optimising all face to face contact.

Some common problems – especially in stressful situations:

  • speak too quickly
  • speak too quietly, murmur or mutter
  • sound monotonous
  • sound high pitched or squeaky
  • mind goes blank
  • sound too formal, boring or lifeless
  • run out of breath mid sentence
  • lacking in impact/authority/gravitas
  • have difficulty making technical issues sound engaging and lively

All of these common complaints can be cleared on your Sound Practice training days

One to One voice coaching sessions also available – see one-to-one sessions page.

Contact Laura for more information and to discuss your specific requirements and goals.

Laura Spicer has a solid reputation for delivering outstanding results to indivduals and businesses. Her clients range from KPMG, Glaxo Smithkline, Natwest to British Energy, BSS Plc Samsung and many more to Business Leaders and Celebrities. Read our testimonials.

Voice in NLP Course with Laura Spicer

Know you’re a good communicator but want to become even better? Suspect you’re not as impactful as you could be? Hate the sound of your own voice? Tired of not getting the responses you want?   Got all the NLP or hypnotic language but a voice that doesn’t carry the message as well as it could?

“Remember: It isn’t only what you say – it’s how you say it!”

For effective communication in NLP, business, and everyday life, you don’t always need a gorgeous voice – you need a voice that always conveys your message with the most direct and powerful effect

Want to sound:

  • Truly confident?
  • Exciting?
  • Inspiring?
  • Motivating?
  • Convincing?

You won’t only enjoy every second of this 2 day intensive course – you’ll be amazed at discovering just how flexible your voice really can be. Here are some of the amazing things you will find out:

  • How to change your voice from soothing to exciting in an instant so you carry your audience with you on the journey you choose
  • How to turn a question into a statement and a statement into a question, so you get your ideas across more effectively
  • How, just with the tone of your voice, you can open up someone’s thinking to see whole new possibilities ahead And that’s just for starters.

On Laura Spicer’s VoicePower course you will discover what a powerful tool your voice really is, so you can:

  • Make someone feel REALLY good with the ‘texture’ of your voice
  • Bring stories and analogies to vibrant, resounding life
  • Create instant rapport and lead people into deeply resourceful states
  • Precisely control the effect you’re having on those around you

If you really want to enhance every vocal communication you have and convey your message with skill, this course is for you.

This course is a one day event. Please contact Laura if you want to be informed when these courses are being run. Please also contact Laura if you would like to set up a course for your team, organisation or group.   Two day course also available, first day as above, second day takes the voice skills to the next level!

Trainer – Laura Spicer Duration – 2 days

Contact Laura for more information

“One of the best courses I have ever attended”

Finance Director, BSS PLC

“Teaches the things about the voice that should be on all school curriculums”

Trainer, NatWest UK

“You wrought eight miracles here today”

Partner, KPMG

“Very enjoyable experience of benefit to even the most polished speaker”

Physicist, British Energy

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