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I want to thank you for your help and guidance with regard to improving my oral presentation skills. In particular, the large variety of tools and techniques that you used were relatively simple to implement. Moreover, they were very effective in creating a credible, powerful and flexible presentation style which were my goals. The outcome of the coaching was better than I had imagined.

Banker, ABN AMRO

Laura, it went incredibly well - it was everything i wanted it to be. Everything I'd asked you to make it.

I completely enjoyed myself. Wow! that really worked. Thank you, thank you

Alexander 'Xander' Armstrong, Actor (Channel 4's Armstrong & Miller)

Very enjoyable experience of benefit to even the most polished speaker

Physicist, British Energy

Laura’s guidance has helped me overcome needless worrying and panic attacks and has given me the stability and control to handle the high pressures that come with extensive touring and performing across the world.   Perhaps most importantly, she has helped me rediscover my passion for playing live

Ed MacFarlane, Friendly Fires

One of the best courses I have ever attended

Finance Director, BSS PLC

Exceeded expectations...strongly recommended

Corporate Sales, Glaxo SmithKline

You wrought eight miracles here today.

Laura provided me with excellent support in meeting my personal development goals. Her analysis is profound yet practical, and she has a range of techniques at her disposal and a fund of experience to draw on that gives confidence about the work she does. There was good flexibility on what we focussed on and how we addressed it to get the best results at any given time.

Partner, KPMG, J. Gorrie, KPMG

Laura's coaching skills are outstanding. She enabled me to make a very effective and well received "Ask" presentation at a fund-raising event in New York.

Martin Dives, Board Member, International Cent er for Clubhouse Development, New York.Holistic, Huma

Thought provoking and of immense value

Senior Manager, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

I speak regularly at events, and decided to contact Laura Spicer to refresh my performance further when I had an important annual leadership conference to present at. I had been told that she is considered one of the very best so I had high hopes which I discovered were well placed.  I found Laura to be insightful, creative, and great to work with. In one afternoon she was able to show me how to rethink the way I was presenting my case so that it really engaged the audience and had much greater impact. She taught me practical techniques to "own" the stage, and effectively fill the space. In addition, she showed me how to feel much more inspiring, comfortable and confident.  The result was excellent.   The feedback I got was very positive.  I am told I was glowing with positive energy!  All in all, I am very glad to have discovered Laura Spicer and I can recommend her to you with confidence.

Michel Taride President, Hertz International

Thanks, Laura, for giving me a confidence I never thought possible. Public speaking will never unnerve me again and I could not have done it without your advice and support.

Emma Dunford (Editor) Gregory & Company

To be skilled in NLP you need more than mere knowledge of some patterns. You need well-developed, and some would say exquisite, control of your voice and non-verbal behaviour. I recommend Laura Spicer's Sound Practice in NLP as an excellent way to pursue this aim

Michael Breen, Master Trainer of NLP and Director of MBNLP

Teaches the things about the voice that should be on all school curricu-lums

Trainer, NatWest UK

Laura Spicer possesses an exceptional range of skills, an endearing sense of humour and a wonderful ability to produce profound and lasting results, with those individuals lucky enough to train with her

Nick Kemp, NLP Trainer and creator of Human Alchemy

Laura was able to give me guidance in terms of structuring and tailoring of my presentation. The presentation I would have given and the presentation I gave, were worlds apart.

Along with the structure of the presentation, Laura was able to arm me with the techniques to control my nerves and give me the confidence to stand in front of industry leaders, as an industry leader.

Site founder, my-wardrobe.com Sarah Curran

Laura Spicer is like the character Q in James Bond movies; equipping you with tools and techniques to fight negativity and doubt. Practising them, you become a Secret Agent for change; delivering positivity and belief both internally and externally

M.Dawson (British Nuclear Industry)

I am a learning and development manager at a law firm and attended the Laura’s training primarily to learn new techniques and ways of helping my clients at my workplace and be a more effective trainer and coach.

Laura Spicer is a dynamic, skilful and caring trainer and I learnt a lot more than new techniques.

I have already helped my colleagues in all sorts of different ways from being more effective in their communications, managing their state in stressful situations and managing conflicts and handling difficult situations.

I highly recommend this training, and Laura Spicer, and am already looking forward to the Master Practitioner Course

T. Y

"I didn't realise how big an impact using your voice effectively can have in communicating until I saw Laura. Her ability to not just project her voice, but focus it on the entire audience at once was something i've never seen or heard before. Since that single morning spent with her, learning some simple tools and approaches, i've become 10 times better in my communications with people. She showed us some simple warm up exercises, and a couple of tools to do with focus voice placement.

For about a week after meeting her, I noticed every time I didn't com-municate effectively, so I made the necessary changes and now, having a deeper and more focused voice, people respond to me like never before, I get my point across more clearly and with less effort. And I also find i'm more more influential with others. Thank you Laura, for waking up this invaluable new communication ability of mine!"

Beren Gamble

Laura I have noticed the difference! I'm giving myself a huge break from thinking about stuff. There is already a lot less internal chatter, it's great! Attitude has changed towards the relationship too. Loved how you put it..... it really hit home for me. Thanks, Laura, you are a brilliant therapist! It was an awesome session! Can't argue with results

B. G.

"Just wanted to say thanks for the advice on my speech, it was extremely helpful! I did what you said and I rehearsed how I was coming across rather than the content of the speech and it went so much better than I thought it would."

Neville Cote

thank you for all of your help on my audition panic attacks. It was such a great moment to walk out of my last audition knowing that I had sung well and that i didnt suffer an attack. i finally feel like i have the tools which will allow me to handle my audition nerves.

all the best


I had been suffering from panic attacks for a little while. They appeared to have come from out of nowhere. I decided to see Laura. The session lasted for about two hours. It seemed that she used NLP techniques combined with giving me some practical exercises that principally revolved around breathing. After only a week of trying the exercises, I am back to my normal self. It has been quite amazing. The beauty of it is that the advise she gives is very practical and you come away feeling equipped to deal with the problem. An excellent service, and very charming too

Mr. LL

I went to see Laura because I had felt down for some time. Now, I feel pretty fantastic about everything. I still have the odd day when I'm not feeling 100%, and then I remember the NLP, give myself a smile and everything starts working as it should again!!!

Sophia Barr

If you are a teacher or lecturer then Voicepower for Teachers, by Laura Spicer is the dvd for you. Having worked in many challenging schools I put into practice some of Laura's exercises and found immediate benefit. Just emphasizing ONE word in a sentence changed the behaviour of students in a specific class. Furthermore, Voicepower has taught me the importance of being in a good state for myself and my pupils. I highly recommend this dvd to teachers as a tool to have more impact in the classroom. I wish somebody had taught me this 5 years ago.

Michael T. Adewale

Hi Laura, been meaning to text all week but been hectic - Tuesdays pres in France went v well, felt much more at ease with it than I would have before seeing you. So, thanks very much! Polly

Thank you Laura.... You are an inspiration and have honestly opened my eyes to so many possibilities ......

xxx viki

Laura’s genuine interest in my success has made a remarkable difference to my life, I am achieving more and setting higher standards for myself each day. Laura is really making me blossom into the person I have always dreamt of being. Laura knows how to bring out the best in you!

I have met many NLP practitioners in the past, but believe me no one is better than Laura, She is genuinely interested in my success. If you if feel unsatisfied with any area of your life then can Laura is the person for you.

Laura has turned a lost and confused person into a focused and organised individual, who is setting higher standards and achieving more each day. Her genuine interest in watching me excel inspires me to achieve even more, and set even higher goals. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to succeed in any area of their lives.

Laura has an amazing ability to unlock ones true potential and discover what really juices you in life. She knows how to tap into your soul and find out what you really want, and then pulls you towards it!  



Hi Laura! It seems ages since Katie's visit to you and I just wanted to update you on her progress.

Since you saw her she has made 5 return flights(lucky girl!) and although there have been a few wobbly moments in turbulence etc. she has managed them well and not dreaded them ages in advance.

She revised hard for her A levels and listened to your tape a few times when she got particularly stressy.

(Would she use the same one for flights by the way?) She did really well in her exams and is now happily installed at Sussex doing Psychology.

So thank you for a really helpful session - I have no doubt it made a big difference to her in both these areas.

AG - psychotherapist

I went to see Laura about a swimming phobia that I have had for as long as I can remember and wasn’t sure if anyone could help.

My friend recommended NLP to me and although slightly sceptical as I didn't know what to expect, I went along to see what can be done.

Laura was fantastic, really supportive in understanding the root cause of the problem and very patient in exploring ideas with me. The result was amazing! From feeling panicky and like I’m treading in oil, after 3 hours with Laura and going in the pool, I was completely relaxed and even felt happy to be in the water! Laura even gave a follow up session on the phone to make sure that I stay on track.

I just want to say a big thank you to Laura for all her help, still can’t believe what she has managed to achieve in such a short space of time. I’ll definitely be recommending her to my friends!


Hi Laura,

just to update you that things are generally good with me. Since our last session I have continued to feel happy inside myself which has been such a turnaround. There have been quite a few wedding related family gatherings and social events lately where I thought I would test out my new found happiness and skills. A lot of the bad habits still persist but the difference is that I am able to laugh them off more and I continue to reflect on the positive and dismiss the negative. The two sessions have made such a positive impact on my life and I'd like to thank you very much for that.

I feel so much better equipped to cope with situations now. I am also feeling excited about the wedding as opposed to the stress I had been feeling before. I can't help thinking that it would be good to have a session before the wedding but maybe I don't need to. 

All the best

(note from Laura - she didn't need another session - I spoke to her briefly on the phone on the morning of the wedding to make sure she was in a great frame of mind and it was a huge success.   No panics, no overwhelming nervousness - just blissful pleasure and fun!)


"I am 29 years old and I have been stammering for the last 20 years. My stammer was not very bad but sometimes it prevented me from doing simple things like ordering food or taking a taxi. I moved to London a few months ago and seeing how everybody is always in a hurry, has put alot more pressure on me to speak faster and it made my stammer worse!

Over the last 10 years, I tried many different approaches to cure my stammer, most of them failed or workedtemporarily.

A few months ago, I decided to seekprofessional help. I did a search online and I found Laura's website. So i gave Laura a call and I went to see her.

After only ONE session, about 60% of my stammer went away and I was able to tell taxis were i wanted to go (biggest difficulty I had living in London). After that, I became more confident and I asked Laura to help me with another problem, getting into a group conversations. Any stammerer knows that it is very difficult to join an ongoing conversationspeciallyif the group is big (such as a work meeting or even a group lunch). Again, Laura taught me some techniques to smoothly "jump" into conversations and make my self heard. After all of this success, I still wanted more! So Laura taught me how to give effective presentations and work around the very little stammer left. All of thishappened in less than 3 months. I went from sufferingwhile talking to taxis to giving my manager a great presentation.

Laura truly gave me back a sense that I was missing. It is great to be able to talk freely again!"

Marzooq Al-Shamlan

Dear Laura

It was a pleasure to speak you again this morning. Thank you for your time as always. Things are going fine for me thanks to your advice and I am more than happy to give testimony to this. Please feel free to use the following as you wish:

'My name is Rob and I have struggled with my speech for at least 30 years. I would class my stammering as 'interiorised' (I think that's the jargon) and this quite simply meant for me that I would susbstitute words, not say what I wanted to or avoid speaking situtations altogether. In other words try and do anything other than stammer. Obviously this has a high price in terms of stress and enjoyment of day to day life.

Having tried many other methods to rid myself of my stammer, I contacted Laura several months ago and made an appointment. We discussed at length my speech issues and Laura proposed a plan to help overcome my anxiety and disfluency which I have implemented since that time.

The results have been beyond what I had dared to hope. My fluency has markedly increased and my comfort level with all speaking situations has been transformed.

Stammering is what I did when I tried not to stammer. I now have an alternative way for which I am extremely grateful'.

Best Regards


I went to see Laura because I was frustrated with the way I had started to respond to my 3 year old daughter when she didn't behave the way I liked her to. I always thought I had a rather calm approach of parenting but increasingly started to become short tempered or even angry. I just wanted to be myself again. Laura was wonderful to work with. Her advice and support made an immediate difference to me. She gave me the tools that now allow me to gain some distance when my daughter is being uncooperative or naughty. In certain situations I even started to replace strictness and nagging with humour and laughter to teach my daughter - which immediately turns things around for both of us. My response to HER changed her response to ME and our family life has become enjoyable and happy again. I still need to practise so my new habits become second nature but I feel I am now in the right state of mind to deal with life's challenges. I am so glad I went to see Laura, it made such a difference. I would recommend her to everyone who needs a bit of help.

Thank you so much, Laura! Best regards,


I have just come back from seeing my friends. I must say I have been nervous prior to seeing them, thinking to myself "Will I be able to pull it off?".

As I parked my car in the car park the thought occurred to me that I do not have to be boring, in fact I can behave in exactly the same way as ever but with much less drink.

I came into the pub, welcomed everyone with my heart chakra open :-) and told them that I decided to end my binge drinking and I was hoping it would work. They were quite intrigued and we all were curious where the evening was going to go. I knew I had to come back by 10pm which gave me only an hour and a half but it was a start.

There where a few things that were different this time, i.e. I was curious about the people and determined to give them a chance. I was watching what was happening to me as I drank my first glass (I told them I was going to have only two glasses because of the space of time and they were very good not trying to give me more). I had fun!

The bottom line is..

..I haven't finished my second glass!!! It has never happened to me before. I felt relaxed, silly and free of inhibitions. In fact I  thought I was a bit tipsy. But when I left the pub I realised that I was in fact quite sober.

Another amazing thing was knowing that I had a big ally and a friend - my subconscious. That was the most amazing experience. It felt as if there were two of us, I and my higher I who made sure I was OK. When I left I felt free, first time in years. Free of fear of alcohol controlling me rather than the other way around.

As I said, it was my first experience and I do hope it will stay like that. At the moment I do hope that I can go to disco with them later on during the month without binge drinking. Part of me feels that maybe it is just a temporary thing but I know I want to sort it out, and as I said, it is amazing to have my higher self supporting me. I have never experience anything like that. As if I was split into two and the bigger me was there all evening holding my hand..

Thank you and please keep your fingers crossed for me that it lasts and gets better..

If not - I am back in your chair :-)

To add to my email below, I came back to the pub after putting shopping away. I sat down for another half an hour with them and had a sip of wine. I ended giving people lifts home.

I was looking for interesting things in my friends all the time and, as I said earlier, I had a good time.

Last night, I was on my own watching 'Dirty Dancing' (poor Patrick Swayze).. I poured myself a glass of Baileys and put it away after two sips..I seem to have this higher self in my head now..

I do hope it will last and strengthen.

Once again, thank you for your help and I will be in touch.

I have managed to drink much slower, I didn't get too drunk, I was in control enough and didn't have a need to disengage and get to my planet :-) All that was good and a huge improvement.

6 weeks later:

Thank you. A part of me is still astonished by how quickly it had worked. I have tested myself in different scenarios.

Joanna M

Hi Laura

I came to see you 6 years ago to address my fear of going underwater – something I had always wanted to deal with, but had an extra incentive to tackle as I had a chance to take up powerboat racing.

Six years on, and I have been successfully racing a 21 foot powerboat at speeds of up to 54mph.

In my first  year of racing I was thrown out of a boat into the Mersey and rather than being afraid of another boat going over me, I had this immense sense of elation that I had been under the water and was not afraid.  It was incredible, and with the fear gone all thanks to just an hour with you, I was able to drive my boat to the limit with nothing to hold me back.

Now, 6 years on, I am taking things to a new level.  I’ve been invited to race in a much bigger and faster boat covering courses of over 100 miles at average speeds of around 80mph.  The boat is an open boat again and with no restraints, but just in case, the team decided we should do the ‘dunk test’.  This involves being strapped into a mock helicopter body which is then turned through 180 degrees so you are upside down and at the same time it is lowered into a swimming pool so you are underwater.  You have to calmly release your restraints and swim out through the window opening to safety.

Having not been in a swimming pool since the day I came to see you, I went for 2 half hour swimming lessons with a lovely lady named Gemma Dixon so I could learn to swim calmly underwater ready for the big ordeal.  Gemma was brilliant and boosted my confidence once more, building on what you had achieved with me so that I was able to do the dunk test without any fear whatsoever.  What an achievement.  Without the help of both of you, I could never have contemplated doing such a thing.

I still tell people today how amazing you were!  Please feel free to use any of my comments on your website.

All the best,

Rose Lores interior designer

Dear Laura Amazingly, what your DVD Voice Power have done for me. I breathe differently, better use my voice and facial expression of my feelings, my whole posture radiates what I feel.

What worked well for me was very clear: say what I mean and stop ums and ers.

The sound of my voice is delicious!

I want to learn more from Laura. I can Recommend it to everyone! Great

Tony Smits Vd Heuvel

I came to see Laura after she was recommended to me. I am a Head of Department in a global organisation with a role that means I have to present in front of large groups of people. My fear of public speaking had become such a problem that I had become so nervous of speaking I had walked out of two presentations. It was at this point that I realised I had to do something, fast.

I had one session with Laura that lasted two hours. Laura was kind enough to make herself available at any time on the day of my first presentation since the session. I walked onto the stage and my fear had disappeared. I didn't even need the slides. I ended up having a conversation with the audience which is exactly what I had wanted to achieve. And I absolutely loved it.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, and if you have a fear of public speaking, then get in touch. It will be life changing.

Name Withheld, however direct contact can be provided through Laura.
When we went to meet Laura with my teenage son Jamie, who has suffered with a noticeable stammer from the age of about four, she was very honest and said she would work with him but not to expect too much as she could only give Jamie the tools to help his stammer and he would have to do the work himself - not something teenagers are always prepared to do!
Jamie connected with Laura immediately as she seemed to really understand what was going on with his stammer, how he felt about it when it was happening to him and how it physically felt to stammer.  Laura spent just one hour with Jamie teaching him how to relax and breath and gave him some simple breathing exercises to do regularly in order to try and improve his stammer.
Jamie left Laura's session feeling very positive, almost as if a physical weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and for the next few weeks he practised the techniques Laura had shown him.
It has now been two months since we visited Laura and Jamie's life has completely changed.  His stammer has disappeared completely from everyday life , (only returning a little when he is very tired or put on the spot in class!) and he now speaks fluently with ease and confidence, so much so that it is hard to believe he ever stammered at all.
I cannot put in to words how grateful we are to Laura and how much losing his stammer has changed Jamie's life.  There is no doubt he was determined to get rid of it and has put in  the work ( he still does his breathing exercises for 5 minutes before he gets up and 5 minutes before he goes to sleep every night) but the confidence he has gained is huge and he is a much happier and more relaxed boy.  Ordering in a restaurant, meeting new people, making speeches at school, telling a joke, or simply being involved in a fast paced discussion are all things he does now with ease. 
I have read many articles that say it is not possible to "cure" a stammer, my son is proof that this simply is not the case - you just need to get in touch with the right person (for us, Laura) who understands the problem and is happy to work with you and give you the tools to achieve the solution! Thank you Laura.
Very best wishes,
Anna Bowden

One day events

Great fun, relaxed, interesting and highly entertaining!

Angela Ralph

I’ve learned so much today and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice tomorrow, the day after and for years to come.

Patrick Keady Better Outcomes Ltd

After presenting for 20 years you think there is little left to learn, all the new strategies I have learned today prove I’m just a beginner! Powerful practical and a pleasure to learn.

Paul Steel

This is my first structured experience of NLP in action – I’m hooked!

Steve Rowley

Fabulous day full of laughter and fun’ as well as ideas that I will be able to use with my private clients, in my training san in my personal life.

Tina Taylor Trainer and Coach