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The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Space - 12 (for the price of 10)

The Number 1 NLP Cyber Practice Space - 12 (for the price of 10)

This is for you if you really love learning and optimising what you can do.

Practising this way every month gives you are thorough skills audit and will help you to deepen your capacity as well as broadening your flexibilty.   Whether you are a beginner or very experienced indeed, you will find the exercises a great mix of challenging and fun.

Meeting in Cyber Space on the first Tuesday of each month at 1930hrs - 2130hrs UK time.

Please note that purchasing this item also deems that you have accepted the following:

You have been certificated to NLP Practitioner level or above

You have a good enough internet connection to stream live video

You have a device larger than a phone to attend through - tablets, laptops and desktop screen sizes are necessary for adequate sound and vision quality.


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