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If there is anything you want to sort out in your life, there are people who can help.   If you don’t want long term therapy or to go over and over the upsets you want to recover from, there are ways nowadays to get the kind of help that is comfortable, quick and lasting.   I see a few clients one to one but I am pretty fully booked with filming, TV and doing live shows.   So when someone asks for my help I send them to one of a very few people I can recommend.   If you want to be sure you will be comfortable with the person you hire to help you, try watching Laura Spicer’s videos or ring her up and talk to her. I am sure she will be able to help. I thoroughly recommend her.

I have known Laura for 20 years, she trained in hypnosis and NLP with me when I was teaching years ago. I started a training company about 20 years ago and Laura was one of those who attended. She is a loyal and a good friend. She is one of the first people to come to me. I have never known anyone as fast or as accurate with helping a stammerer than Laura, she is really quite extraordinary, she is the queen of stammering, we call her that. One thing Laura does better than anyone else in the world is help people to stop stammering.   If someone asks me to help them become more fluent, I send them to her.

There are not that many really, really good therapists that I feel confident to recommend people to.   But I can definitely recommend that you see Laura if you want to make a change in any particular area.

Laura treats lots of people to feel more confident, get rid of phobias and she specialises in helping people to become much more charismatic Public Speakers.

Confidence is when you can speak without being worried about being judged. Fear of public speaking is usually installed in school, reading out loud and someone points out your mistakes and you feel uncomfortable, you feel judged.

Others fear social situations, and get shy or feel foolish and uncomfortable . Giving presentations, being in social situations, and taking on new ventures in times of austerity as people are losing their jobs are key skills these days. Sometimes you have to be prepared to move outside your comfort zones. Strategise how you do that.   Laura works with people and corporations to help them move forward and excel at this challenging time.

Laura is very good helping people overcome phobias. Most psychologists take 6 months to help people get over a phobia. Nowadays people like Laura and me can clear most phobias in 1 or 2 hours. You are not born phobic, and if you can learn it, you can unlearn it.

We know more about how the mind works now. When someone comes to see me or Laura we help them re-programme their mind. The mind can be compared with a computer, and is only as good as the software it is running.

Your unconscious mind is there to protect you.   So if you are afraid of feeling foolish the fear can feel so intense it stops you in your tracks.   But at the same time, it can also stop you achieving things.

Top athletes and people who excel at what they do are used to hiring people to help them do even better.   Every top athlete has at least one coach.   People like Laura and me often help athletes and golfers get the edge, get in the zone, so they can be at top of their game.

When you get stressed you create different body chemistry, which can be quite toxic. For example, when you produce adrenaline, blood pumps to your arms or legs so you can fight or run. Your heart beats faster and your mind races -you need that in an emergency.   But of course, these days people get stressed when they are not in a life threatening situation.   Pumping masses  and masses of adrenaline round your system when you are about to stand up in front of a group of people and speak is not good for your health.   Learning to feel calm and focused is healthier and a much more pleasant experience.

Too much stress is the biggest cause of lost work for corporations, and there is a big push these days for reducing stress. A lot of work Laura and I do is about helping people control stress, about feeling better and not overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions and in better health.

If you have been through a bereavement, lost a job, or are struggling and suffering, people can get depressed, or feel overwhelmed with the discomfort and despair, and become locked into a loop.   People like Laura and me help people to get out of that loop and get into a resourceful state of mind so they can much more easily deal with their challenges.

Rather than going through distress in therapy, talking about all the old upsetting things that happened to you, if you want a fast change  and for it to last and be comfortable ride. then someone like Laura is a good person to go to.   I can definitely recommend her.    

Paul McKenna