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Where is your clinic?

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. -



Laura has a clinic at her home which is in a little village between Bury St Edmunds and Diss.   If you need to come by train, she will see you in the beautiful Heritage Centre, which is a short distance from Bury St Edmunds railway station.   When you are booking, Laura will give you details of how to get to her home Clinic if that is where you are seeing her.  

Please note, Laura has now closed her London clinic

The Heritage Centre is in Nowton, on the outskirts of Bury St. Edmunds.   

You can find all the information about where it is and how to get there from the Heritage Centre website 






What hours do you work?

You can usually call between 10am and Noon - please call back later if Laura is not available to answer your call in person.


Clinic hours are Noon until 6pm and occasionally, where no other time is available or viable, 8pm.





Is there parking and wheelchair accessibility?

There is free parking at both clinics.

The Heritage Centre is wheelchair friendly, but be sure to let Laura know ahead of time if you have special access requirements.




Can I get there on public transport?

You can get to the Heritage Centre by Public Transport.   Please click on the relevant link to the Clinic website for all information on how to find and get to the Clinic.



Bury St. Edmunds - http://www.heritagewellbeing.co.uk/pages/20/Contact/




Do you see clients via the internet for sessions?

If you would prefer a Cyber-session it can be arranged.

The fee is the same as a clinic visit.  Laura can work with you via Messenger, Skype or Zoom

Please contact Laura for more information or to book your session.




Is a Video call session as good as a face to face session at the clinic?

For most issues an internet session is as effective as a clinic visit.

In some cases it is better to visit the clinic, and Laura will let you know if in your specific case it would be advisable to make the journey to see her in person.




Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral.

However, if you have been consulting your Doctor about the issue you are seeing Laura for, please ask your Doctor for a brief letter to let her know some history and any medication you are on.




Can I see Laura if I am on medication?

Yes you can.

Please bring full details of any medication you are taking regularly to your session.




Do you do assessment sessions?

No*.   Each session includes some time for Laura to ask you the specific questions she will need to help her assist you.   NLP treatments are not similar to other interventions and Laura knows what to ask that will be relevant to reaching your healthy goal.   Your session will include a full assessment, as relevant, as well as a treatment.




How many sessions will I need?

Mostly, just one session of two hours is enough to set you on your path to achieving your goal.

In some cases, a second session of one, or two hours is useful.

Laura will want to speak to you by telephone after the session, and she will arrange this with you at the end of your session.

If a further session is advisable, Laura will let you know when you book or by telephone, once she has assessed your progress since the session.


For life or business coaching, group work, training and in certain other specific cases,  Laura will discuss the number of sessions advisable if more than two is required.




Do I need to bring anything or do anything before a session?

Just an open mind and a note of any medication or previous interventions you have tried.




Will my private health insurance pay?

In most cases unfortunately not.

However there are some insurance policies that will cover an NLP session - the best thing is to ask your insurers.




How do I book?

Please fill in the contact form and Laura will contact you. 





Do you guarantee results?

No - every client and every session is unique and results are not guaranteed.

However, in most cases you will immediately notice a significant improvement at the very least.

Laura certainly can guarantee she will do all she can to help you achieve your aim.




What are your success rates?

Laura’s success rates are extremely high and you have every chance of achieving everything you came for - and more.   See answer above under ‘guarantee’.




How much will it cost?

Remdial sessions are £250 per hour in the clinic or via video call.

Most sessions are for two hours, and until you have experienced the session and talked to Laura by telephone after you have had time to practice Laura’s recommended mental exercise routine for a couple of weeks, Laura will assess whether a further hour would be useful.  So, the best thing is to budget for three hours in total.   In most cases just two hours will be needed but it is advisable to budget for three, just in case.

For group courses, communications and voice coaching or business coaching sessions the fee is £250 per hour and in cases where Laura travels to your premises there may be travel costs, please contact Laura as this is priced separately.





How and when do I pay?

For clinic sessions you are required to pay by cheque or cash at the time of the session.  You can also pay online at least 48 hours before your session by clicking here.  If you wish to pay by cheque, please be sure to bring a bank card with you that guarantees the full amount of the cheque.  

For internet call sessions please pay electronically by bank transfer or Pay Pal before your session.   It will be necessary for the funds to have been received before your session.




What age group do you treat?

In most cases children below the age of 12 are not suitable for a full treatment session with Laura.

However, there are exceptions to this, so please do contact Laura if you want a child below that age to see Laura.

*Laura does offer assessment and advice-to-parent sessions in the case of stammers and stutters - these usually last for one hour and include an assessment and recommendations to parents of how you can best help your child yourself.




What are the conditions which you treat?

Please see the drop down menu on the consultations page.



Laura also treats certain conditions that are not on the list - so please contact Laura if you are unsure.





What is the Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations of more than 48 hours are not charged.

48-24 hours notice of cancellation incurs a fee of 50%

On the day of the appointment the full fee is chargable




What happens if a session doesn’t help me?

It is extremely rare that a session with Laura does not help at all, providing you follow the post session simple exercise routine to embed your new learnings  (in fact this has never happened as far as we are aware!).

If you are the first person in 25 years of clinical practice who does follow Laura’s recommendations and then experiences no improvement at all you will receive a no quibble refund of 75% of your fee, unless stated otherwise in writing at the time of booking (this applies in the case of certain conditions).   25% will be retained to cover room hire and travel costs.




Is it OK to call you to discuss my problem?

It is OK to call Laura - however please be respectful of Laura’s busy schedule and keep calls short and to the point!   

Laura does not need to know background details of your problem in order to best help you.   She just needs to know the most basic details - what the problem is that you wish to change;  what you have already tried and most importantly what you want to achieve.

Start by filling in the contact form and if you want Laura to call you make sure you include your mobile phone number and the best times to reach you.





What happens in a session?

As each session is different from any other this is a tough question to answer! 

However every session will include some questions and answers to start with.

Much of your session will be talking and trying out some mental exercises.

Your session is likely to be very interactive and Laura views the work as team work with you and her both working to the same end - your happiness, good health and satisfaction with the outcome.

Sessions can include some hypnosis but this is not obligatory, so if you prefer not to have hypnosis that is fine - just let her know.

In a session with Laura, you remain in control at all times and will always feel comfortable with the process.




What less expensive options are there to seeing Laura for a session?

 Please see Laura’s product pages


 If you have difficulty paying the fee please let Laura know what you could afford. Provided you have good reason, Laura will be able to let you know if you are entitled to a dicounted price.




What is hypnosis like, and will I be made to do anything I don’t like?

Some people think that they will lose all consciousness and control when they are hypnotised but this is misinformation.

In fact, a hypnosis session feels very pleasant and very relaxing and you remain in control at all times - in fact in all cases Laura will be making you feel more in control than you felt before - after all that is what you have come to achieve!   When you are relaxed and with your eyes closed you will find you are more in touch with how you feel and think, so are more likely to feel more in control of your own inner processes than you do usually.




May I bring a friend or relative with me to a session?

Yes, of course you can - please let Laura know in advance if you plan to bring someone with you.




Please contact Laura if you have any other questions before booking.